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The Swivel Tarp Clips clamps onto any tarp replacing torn out grommets or use to create a grommet where none exist before. Use The Clip With The Tighter Grip. Snaps into place and snugs the tarp for a tight hold.

Includes 4 Plastic Swivel Clips

The Convenience Of Tarp Clips

Tarp clips are gadgets that are specially designed to hold any type of banner or tarp securely in place in any environment. These clips come in handy on camping and boating excursions or whenever a tarp needs to be secured while transporting a load.

With these types of clips there is no longer any need to punch holes in tarps, banners and signs. There are no grommets or eyelets to work loose, fray or tear out. Instead the clip uses a special design to provide a firm grip on the edge of the tarp or banner and keep it taut without tearing the fabric. The cord or rope is then tied around the other end of the clip.

Clips are made out of a durable material that will not crack, break or rust. They are able to stand up to inclement weather. The clips are simple for anyone to use and require no special tools to install. It takes just a few seconds to attach them to the edge of any fabric and lock them firmly into place. They are reusable and can be quickly repositioned using a quick release mechanism.

These tarp fasteners are suitable for use with fabrics of different widths. They are ideal for resizing a tarp or piece of fabric that is too big. Just fold the material to the desired size and apply the clips around the edge.

With the tarp clips it is possible to save an old tarp that has a torn out grommet. Instead of tossing it in the trash, add some clips and it will be just like new. Convenient tarp clips offer the ideal solution for anyone who needs to tie down an awning, tent, plastic sheeting or tarp. They are equally effective in applications for boating, camping, farming and gardening.

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