Canvas Tarps

Tarps Plus has a long standing reputation for making high quality canvas tarps . The Tarps Plus canvas tarps have been the industry's standard for decades. The canvas tarp's grommets are crafted with heavy gauge brass, which will not rust. All our canvas tarps are hemmed & stitched around the sides and reinforced at each eyelet. We take great measures to make sure our canvas is made with high grade cotton. Thickness of the canvas threading is paramount to make sure our canvas tarps stand above the rest.

Our canvas tarps are used by truckers, painters, and farmers worldwide. The stitching that is tailored into the tarp material, as well as the thickness of the canvas, is what makes a canvas tarp more resistant to abrasions and harsh weather.

Tarps Plus' canvas tarps are made with duck filled cotton canvas fabric.  Important qualities of canvas tarps are the denier, weight, and quality of stitching. The canvas tarps have reinforced corners and grommets. Our inventory of canvas tarps is very extensive with over several different colors and various sizes to choose from.

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Recommended Uses of Canvas Tarps
A canvas tarp is heavier than a poly tarp and has different protective qualities compared with other tarp covers. With proper maintenance and storage, canvas tarps can last longer than poly tarps. Canvas tarps are also more nature-friendly covers.
These tarps are breathable covers and are ideal for construction sites and other building projects.
Canvas tarps are only recommended for outdoor use because they might stain your indoor items and furniture. They also have a strong odor. They shouldn’t be used for cars and boats. These tarps are treated with dye and water repellent wax which will stain the surface of your property. 
These tarps should not be used as accessories for canopies. They cannot be used as a top cover or sidewalls because they will shrink from constant outdoor exposure. They also might stretch or rip from too much tension from the grommets. They also cannot be used to cover roofs because they are not waterproof. They can only hold a certain amount of water. Once the tarp has reached its saturation point, the water will leak. When looking for tarps for such applications, check out our line of poly tarps or vinyl tarps.
Qualities of Canvas Tarps
Thick and breathable, canvas tarps are great for stationery items outdoors that need a cover. These heavy-duty tarps are great for long-term applications. Their use is more specific because they have protective qualities that are only suitable for specific applications.
Canvas tarps are colored with dye and treated to become water repellent. The dye will come off on some surfaces. It would be best cover items which cannot be stained by these covers. The strong smell comes from the water repellent treatment. It will disappear after you’ve used the tarps several times.
Canvas tarps are made of cotton so they will eventually shrink or stretch. The shrinkage will depend on the amount of exposure it gets. When exposed continuously to humidity, rain and UV rays, canvas tarps will eventually shrink.
A canvas tarpaulin is not resistant to stretching, tearing and ripping. Do not put too much tension on the grommets when securing this cover on an item.
To maintain these canvas tarps, use proper cleaning agents. Regular soaps and detergents might wear off the color and water repellent treatment. Do not use a washing machine when cleaning these covers. The color might bleed and will stain the tub of your washing machine.