Canopy Covers & Walls

We carry a wide range of replacement canopy tops, side walls, and zippered and non-zippered peak end walls. We strive to offer the highest quality and longest lasting material so that replacing any of these parts is as infrequent as possible.

Please Note: We cannot guarantee that these tops and walls will fit frames other than our own. Check with us first before making your purchase. You can reach us at (800) 838-3057.

More Info on Canopy Covers and Walls

These covers, side walls, and peak end walls are made from polyethylene, which is a waterproof material treated against UV rays and has a good durability. The replacement tarps that we offer here are sized to fit a frame with a 120 degree peak along with being made slightly shorter than the listed size so that the tarp can be pulled taut on the frame with ball bungees to allow water to run off of the top instead of pooling and possibly damaging the canopy cover or frame. We offer both valance and no edge tops, the valance having an extra skirt of fabric for added coverage while the no edge top is great to allow more airflow.

Our heavy-duty poly side walls and peak end walls are avaliable in silver, tan, or white. They provide additional protection from the elements, like light rain or wind, as well as provide extra shade on sunny days. They also allow for privacy and functionality.

We also offer sidewalls in our heavy-duty poly mesh. This 70% sunblocking material is avaliable in black, green, or tan and allows wind through for excellent ventilation.

Canopy Tops and Walls

Tarps Plus offers many sizes of replacement canopy tops and walls. Choose from zippered or non-zippered peaks and walls. There is no need to replace an entire canopy tarp kit. Save money by replacing only the damaged pieces. We also carry replacement poles, braces, connectors, and footpads. Contact Tarps Plus to make sure you order the correct sizes for your existing frame. 

Complete your canopy tarps with handy accessories. Tarps Plus carries canopy mister kits to keep your guests cool and comfortable on hot days. Ground stakes, anchor bags, and heavy-duty sandbags keep your canopy safely in place, even on a windy day. 

When shopping for a canopy tarp, don’t forget that Tarps Plus offers 30-day returns and a price-matching guarantee. With over 20 years of experience in the tarp business, Tarps Plus can help you solve any of your tarp challenges. We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer service, our fast deliveries, and our extensive selection of tarps for every need. 


Note: If inclement weather is in the area, it is recommended to take your canopy cover and/or walls off of the frame. This material is no match for mother nature.