Super Heavy Duty Vinyl Tarps

Super Heavy Duty Vinyl Coated Polyester
  • Finished Size: 6" or 3% allowed tolerance from stated size 
  • Weight: 18 oz/yd²
  • Thickness: 22 mils
  • #2 Brass Spur Grommets Spacing (all sides): 24" approx.
  • Double needle lock stitched hems
  • Heat sealed interior seams
  • Waterproof and UV resistant
  • Made in the USA
  • For custom sizes email or call 1-800-838-3057

These industrial tarps have high tear strength and high abrasion resistance. They are also oil, grease, acid, and mildew resistant.

These tarps ship out within 15-20 business days. Want to know more about our shipping?

Recommended 18 Oz. Vinyl Coated Polyester Tarp Uses

The 18 oz. vinyl coated polyester tarps are heavy-duty covers with amazing qualities. These super tough covers can handle the demanding covering applications in trucking, construction and roofing.

These tarps will not tear or abrade easily. It will take a lot of outdoor exposure and demanding jobs before they wear out. That’s why these are also recommended for industrial and agricultural applications. There are plenty of colors and sizes to choose from so you can select the most suitable one for your purposes.

Here are the other popular uses of the 18 oz. vinyl coated polyester tarp:

  • Recreation cover
  • Sports facility cover
  • Canopy cover
  • Equipment and machinery cover
  • Dump truck/trailer cover
  • 5-sided covers
  • Vehicle cover

The 18 oz. vinyl coated polyester tarp is a thick and heavy tarp. It might be too bulky for some applications. If you are looking for a cover you can use temporarily, check out our line of poly tarps. If you are looking for the same quality but with a lighter material, we recommend out heavy duty vinyl tarps.

Qualities of the 18 Oz. Vinyl Coated Polyester Tarp

Our 18 oz. vinyl coated polyester tarp may be thicker and heavier compared with the typical products we offer. But just like any other tarp, you can easily use these heavy-duty vinyl tarps. You can trust the quality and durability of our vinyl covers.

The 18 oz. vinyl coated polyester tarp is waterproof and oil resistant. It keeps your items protected from the damaging acts that water, rain and different kinds of damages liquids can bring. Oil based substances are usually found in workshops, painting projects and industrial areas. Since the 18 oz. vinyl coated polyester tarps are resistant to oil, we recommend these covers for such places and jobs. These tarps are also UV treated. Regardless of constant outdoor exposure, the tarps will not deteriorate.

Our 18 oz. vinyl coated polyester tarp is long-lasting. It can be used for applications that require a long-term cover. It is usable all throughout the year. With the resistance of the tarp to abrasions, it can handle the heavy demands of trucking and trailering.