We offer a versatile collection of tarp canopies in different sizes and colors. From heavy-duty frames with no edge tops to commercial-grade party tents with valance tops to lighter-duty pop-up tents, we have anything and everything you might need to set up the perfect outdoor area. 

Our tarp tents are equipped with heavy-duty tarpaulin covers. Our tarp tents are great for putting your car under or patio shade. We sell tent tarps worldwide. The tarp shelters can also be enclosed with tarp walls as well; all you need are ball bungees and you are set.

Recommended Tarp Tent Canopy Uses

Tarp tent canopies can be used for most outdoor shading needs. Various designs, colors, and sizes are available to suit your needs.

Tarp tent canopies are typically used as protection against sun and rain. You can use them to cover properties or have a nice shade for your outdoor activities.

The basic outdoor canopy transforms an outdoor space into a comfortable spot. They can be used for parties so your guests won’t have to endure the heat of the sun. And if it’s drizzling or raining, they don’t have to pull out their umbrellas just to stay dry. If you’re an outdoor seller, you can keep your customers cool and safe under the protection of the canopy while they’re taking a look around your shop and purchasing items.

We have canopies that can shield vehicles from the heat of the sun, rain, and snow. You can purchase one that fits a single car or a canopy that can protect two or more vehicles.

Are you using the tarp tent canopy for places with fire hazards? You have the option to purchase a fire retardant canopy which is also available here at Tarps Plus. Instead of using the tarp that comes with the product package, you can use a fire retardant tarp for instances where fire risks are involved.

Although our tarp tent canopies are stable, remember that these are only temporary structures that cannot withstand severe weather conditions. These canopies are no match against Mother Nature. Takedown the tarp whenever it’s necessary to avoid possible damages.

Tarp Tent Canopy Qualities

Each tarp tent canopy we offer has a heavy-duty top cover. This material is designed to withstand frequent use and long-term applications. So even if you use this canopy for more than three months without taking it down, it can still retain its protective qualities.

It provides protection from heat and the ultraviolet rays coming from the sun. The top cover is also waterproof. The water will not permeate the cover. It will slide down, instead.

This product includes galvanized steel poles that will not rust regardless of exposure to the elements. The heavy-duty ball bungees allow you to easily install the cover to the top of the frame.

You can always save time and money with the tarp tent if you do not want a permanent carport for your car or boat.