Fire Retardant Tarps

Our certified fire retardant tarps are licensed with the government's CPAI-84 specifications. The Tarps Plus manufactured fire retardant tarps come in poly and canvas. The California State Fire Marshal certifies our fire retardant tarps. Our fire retardant poly tarps are all registered with the NFPA 701, CPAI-84 and California Title 19 Guidelines. The fire retardant testing process has many steps. Tarps Plus fire retardant tarps have been certified for many years and are manufactured with excellence. The poly tarp goes through a long testing process. All of our  poly fire retardant tarps are cleared by the California State Fire Marshal's Office, which is a nationwide standard. 

  • Finished Size: 6" or 3% less than stated size
  • Weight: 6 oz/yd²
  • Thickness: 10-12 mils
  • Grommet Spacing (all sides): 18" approx.
  • Fiber Thickness: 1200 denier
  • Mesh Count: 14x14 /in²
  • Waterproof and UV resistant
  • Color may vary

Recommended Uses of Fire Retardant Tarps

Fire retardant tarps can be used just like how you would use the regular tarps. But since they provide extra protection, these tarps can be used for more applications.

Fire retardant tarps are often used for events or applications where the risk of fire is present. The tarps are treated with substances that lessen the flammability of items. While they are not necessarily fireproof, they can slow down or possibly stop the spread of fire.

Having a fire retardant tarps as a cover can keep the workers safe. Since fire retardant tarps can delay the spread of fire, the workers will have enough time to escape its dangers. There will also be less damage to surrounding properties when these tarps are used. Since fire can only spread slowly, people will have the chance to extinguish the flames.

Fire Retardant Tarp Qualities

Fire retardant tarps are just like regular tarps when it comes to quality and specs. The only difference is that they are treated with substances that decrease the flammability of an item.

The UV treatment in a poly tarp prevents degradation from sun exposure. Even when it’s regularly used under the intense sun, the tarp can stay with you for years. The poly tarp is also waterproof. It can provide quality rain protection. It is also resistant to all the agents that bring harm to the tarp and the items it covers. With arctic flexibility, the fire retardant poly tarp remains usable during the winter.