Mesh Tarp Canopies

You can enjoy the outdoors even during hot, sunny days. We recommend our tarp tent canopies with mesh top. These tents are great for picnics, parties and trips. All the impressive qualities of a shade tent can be found in these products we offer.

We have a variety of sizes to fit your needs outdoors. We offer tents that are able to resist strong winds. You and your friends can enjoy every joyous occasion under these tents. Get your tarp tent canopy with mesh top by placing an order now.

More About Tarp Tent Canopies with Mesh Top

There are outdoor enthusiasts who prefer structures that do not block the light entirely. We offer our tarp tent canopy with mesh top to these individuals. The frame still consists of high quality, durable components like those of the other tarp canopies we offer. It also has a sheer mesh tarp for a cover. Just like our other tents, setting this up is fast and easy.

It provides about 73 percent of shade and lets in 27 percent of light. Canopies with mesh top are usually used by gardening aficionados. Some flowers grow better when not under direct sunlight, so this structure is perfect for this type of plants. Our canopies with mesh top come in different shades and sizes allowing you to choose ones that will nicely fit your garden.

Currently, silver tarp canopies are the ones popular in the market because a silver-colored surface can reflect light. Mesh covers, on the other hand, let some light in but keeps all the harmful ultraviolet rays out. The mesh tarp can also diffuse the wind so it can withstand strong gusts. With little light and some air, these canopies with mesh top can keep everything under them cool.

Mesh tarps are sold in different weights. This means you can choose the one that fits your needs. If you want to give a light shade to your plants, use a seven-ounce mesh tarp cover. If you need a cover for heavy-duty applications, choose eight to ten ounces of mesh tarps. These covers are also sold in different sizes so you can select the one that fits your frame. The most popular mesh tarp size is 10 ft. by 10 ft.

Aside from covering plants, these canopies with mesh tarp have other uses. If you like a touch of sunlight while keeping yourself cool outdoors, choose this structure. Chatting with someone outdoors will be more relaxing under this canopy. You won't get sunburnt and you don't have to squint your eyes all the time.