Large Tarps

We offer super large tarps here at Tarps Plus. If you are looking for a large poly tarp or tarps for large fields, you will find it here. The professionals come to us when they need big tarps for an industrial type of job. We have 100 x 100 tarps to 170x 170 tarps in this section. Check out the sizes available below.


Guide to Using Large Tarps

Large tarps are often used on super wide grounds. And regardless of the size, our large tarps are designed to be convenient. You can easily install these large tarps and keep them when not in use.

Here are the places where large tarps are often used:

  • Sports fields (baseball, football, soccer and more)
  • Schools
  • Parks
  • Construction areas
  • Farms (for covering hay bales and more)

Large tarps are particularly useful for grassy fields and turfs. With a cover, the field is protected from damages caused by wind and rain.

When selecting tarps, it's important to consider the various thickness options available to suit your needs. Tarps come in a range of thicknesses measured in mils, which is a unit used to measure the thickness of the tarp material. Here are the available thickness choices that we offer for Large Tarps:

6Mil - Suitable for temporary shelters (Available in Blue)

12Mil - More durable, suitable for Heavy-Duty applications (Available in Silver or White)

14Mil - Provides robust protection, excellent for most demanding situations (Available in Silver/Black)

More Info on the Specs of Large Tarps

Our large tarps are made of polyethylene plastic. These large poly tarps consist of poly strips (core) and poly sheets (surface). The tarp will not rip or tear easily because the core is interwoven. These tarps are also UV treated. They can manage constant outdoor exposure and will not degrade from the harmful rays coming from the sun. The UV treatment also improves the service life of tarps. The large tarps are also waterproof. Water cannot penetrate through these covers. The rain and all the damaging agents it carries cannot wear out these tarps easily.

How long the tarp will last depends on how hot a place is. If the tarp will be used in areas such as Florida, Arizona, Texas and Southern California, it will have a shorter service life. The tarps are able to last longer in cooler places.

Our tarps can also handle freezing conditions. They are usable even during the winter. So if you want to protect a large area from snow, we recommend these large poly tarps.

The hems are rope reinforced so the tarp will not rip from the sides. The sides have grommets which lets you secure the tarp easily with cords or ropes.

If you do not see a particular size you would like, please navigate to our CUSTOM TARPS section and fill out the simple information and a Tarps Plus team member will assist you with a quotation.