Pop Up Tents

Tarps Plus offers some of the best pop up canopies and instant pop up tents for all occasions and events. Our Diamond Series pop up tents have everything you could want in an instant pop up tent canopy.  All of Tarps Plus's  pop up tents offer more protection, more durability and more strength.

Our versatile collection of  Canopy pop up tents, commercial grade Diamond pop up tent canopies and instant pop up shelters are second to none. Our premium quality pop up tents are highly resistant to salt, air and water corrosion, because we strive to give you nothing but the best.

Our pop up canopy tents are engineered for an instant set up. All the movements are built into and controlled by the expandable pop up tent canopy frame. You begin setting up by holding a leg and pulling it away from the others. This causes the frame to expand, rise and properly align itself for reinforced strength. It's so simple it practically sets itself up. This is why so many vendors use these as catering canopies, marketplace canopy tents and craft canopies. So, if you need an instant canopy pop up tent for a party, flea market or an event with a fast set up, we suggest these instant canopy pop up tents.

A canopy tent is a perfect way to give you a quick shade on a hot summer day. Commercial canopy tents are always seen at flea markets and trade shows due to their fast set up procedure. Vendors know that they need canopy tents set up fast in order to do business. If you are a vendor, you are in the right place for canopy tents.

Technical aspects to consider with pop up tents.

  • 100% waterproof pop up tent top
  • Rust resistant frame
  • Heavy-duty pop up tent frame joints
  • High denier count on top cover
  • Built-in foot pads with a hole for a canopy stake
  • Sandbags
  • Carrying case with wheels

Typical Pop Up Tent Uses

Although pop up tents provide outdoor protection, they are not as durable as canopies. Pop up tents are only meant for short-term use. They are not designed to withstand the elements for a long period of time.

A pop up tent is often used for outdoor events. These are portable structures you can easily set up wherever you need them. If you’re having a trip to the beach or going on picnics, get a pop up tent. It gives you an attractive and cool shade under the hot summer sun.

Exhibitors who often take part in trade shows and other outdoor fairs will surely gain a lot from pop up tents. The pop up thet brands like EZ Up, Caravan pop up tents and Impact Canopy are all good but Ace Canopy exceeds the quality in frame thickness and quality of top.  They can set up in an instant with the easy to set up procedure of these temporary structures.

The size you'll need will depend on your purposes. An outdoor activity would most likely require chairs and tables which could take up a lot of space. A larger pop up tent should be purchased. But if you're a vendor or an exhibitor, a smaller size would suffice. Calculate the space you need and make sure you place a reasonable distance between items so that it will not be uncomfortable for your guests. Once you've determined your space requirements, it's time to choose a the size of a pop up tent.

Remember that pop up tents are not meant for permanent use. It needs to be facilitated particularly when the weather is unpredictable. In case the weather condition worsens, the pop up tent has to be taken down.


More Information on Pop Up Tents

Our pop up tents are made of steel. Generally, steel frames will take a lot of effort to set up, but since pop up tents have an easy-to-assemble design, it will only take a few minutes to erect one.

These pop up tents are powder coated. The steel frame is coated with dry painting which hardens eventually. It lasts longer than the conventional, liquid paint. Powder coating is an environmentally friendly process. Steel that went through this treatment will not easily rust or corrode.

Pop up tents also come with polyester top. This is a tough fabric that can resist wrinkling, abrading, stretching and shrinking. Since it can retain its shape, the shifting weather conditions will not deform the cover.