Vinyl Tarps

Our vinyl tarps are waterproof, Made in the USA and have a high abrasion resistance. These vinyl tarps resist oil, acid, grease and mildew. Our vinyl tarps selection ranges from flame retardant vinyl tarps, vinyl coated tarps and vinyl trailer tarps. The vinyl tarp is ideal for agriculture, construction, industrial and trucks.  The vinyl material costs more but is a standard for industries that require tarps which can withstand heavy demands or long distance travel via trucks. 

Please allow 15 - 20 business days for your vinyl tarp to ship.

Ideal Vinyl Tarp Applications

Vinyl tarps are thicker than most tarps we offer. While they can be used for most indoor and outdoor covering needs, they are designed for tougher jobs. Their ability to withstand severe weather conditions makes them the go-to of tarp users for a lot of demanding outdoor jobs, especially during emergencies.

Vinyl tarps are often used as truck covers. They keep your cargo on the truck bed. In fact, it’s highly recommended to use a cover when transporting materials rather than leaving them exposed. Damages or accidents might happen should the items fall off the truck.

Our tarps are available in various thicknesses. But if you find these covers too bulky for your needs, you can check out the other varieties we offer here at Tarps Plus.

Qualities of Vinyl Tarps

Vinyl tarps are longer lasting than the regular tarps. Since they are thicker, they are built for heavy-duty use. Even when you leave them exposed outdoors for a long time, these vinyl tarps will not easily deteriorate.

Vinyl tarps are guaranteed tough. They have heat sealed seams and are resistant to abrasions and tearing. They can be frequently exposed to the sun with their resistance to ultraviolet rays. The tarp is also resistant to liquids including oil and grease. During showers, these tarps can resist the damaging agents brought by the rain. Since it can resist oil and grease, they can be used for applications where oil-based substances are present.

You can easily tie down the tarps using the grommets. These rings are rust resistant and will not stain the tarp. Use with cords or ropes to quickly secure the tarp. We offer various tie-downs suitable for multiple needs. Check out our Tarps Accessories section.