Super Heavy Duty Tarp Canopies

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If light duty and heavy duty canopies are not strong enough for your needs, we also offer super heavy duty 2'’ diameter canopy tents. The super industrial canopies from Ace Canopy are recommended for commercial and industrial applications or can even be used for protecting cars from the elements. 


Ideal Super Industrial Canopy Uses

Super industrial canopies are like heavy duty canopies, however they are built stronger for industrial use. These canopies can be used for protecting various items and can withstand unpredictable weather conditions. These canopies are great for those who want to build cost-effective products to use for a garage or a workshop but don’t have the budget to build more permanent structures. Although super industrial canopies are tough enough to endure various weather conditions, always monitor weather conditions. They cannot withstand the strength of Mother Nature, and we advise you to take down the structure to avoid damages.

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