Ball Bungees

Ball bungees are reusable straps that are often used for fastening the canopy cover to the frame. They are very easy to use. You do not need to damage the tarp or punch holes in it to use the ball bungees because most tarps have grommets or eyelets installed. Our Ball Bungees come in two sizes, two colors and in three quantity variants.

These special elastic cords fit most tarps with eyelets and are easy to use, reposition or remove. To install the tarp using ball bungees follow these steps. First insert the cord through the eyelet, then wrap the cord around the frame once or twice, last fasten the cord to the ball.

Ball bungees can tie to a tarp for many uses.   To secure a tarp with a ball bungee, insert the ball bungees through the grommet holes and wrap the bungee cord around the object you want to fasten it to.

Here are some uses for how to use bungee cords with tarps:

  • Tie the bungee to the tarp to secure and cover your vehicle.
  • Wrap your bicycle with a tarp and secure it with ball bungees.
  • Secure a tarp covering a picnic table.
  • Wrap a boat on a trailer with a tarp and tie the ends of the tarp with the bungees.
  • Use the bungee cords to hang a tarp being used as a drape or room divider.