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Tarps accessories include tarp hold downs, tarp straps, tarp tapes, ratchet tarp straps, ball bungees for tarps and many more. These products provide you with more advantages when using tarps.
  • Ball Bungees

    Thick ball on cord to secure tarp to structures
  • Bungee Cords

    High grade bungee cords with hooks to tie down your tarp or cover in windy areas.
  • Rubber Tarp Straps

    Super strong rubber tarp straps that hook onto the grommets of tarp
  • Tarp Clamps and Clips

    Strong tarp clips to clip tarp to objects
  • Ratchet Straps

    Heavy fiber tarp straps to secure tarps to trucks.
  • Metal Stakes

    Metal ground stakes to secure tarp to the ground.
  • Tarp Tape

    Special tarp tape that seals and adheres to tarp material
  • Grommet Repair Kits

    Grommet repair kit for repairing and self custom making tarps
  • Covers for Tarp Rollers

    Tarps to cover and protect rolled up field tarps
  • Bags

    Poly bags for holding down the tarp and many other uses.
  • Canopy Foot Pads

    Tarp tent footings to secure the tarp tent.
  • Canopy Braces

    Braces for 1 3/8" and 2" canopies
  • Canopy Poles

    Heavy duty canopy poles for many applications
  • Canopy Connectors

    Connectors for 1 3/8" and 2" canpopies

The Tarp Accessories We Offer

Tarp accessories are always good to have. They are often added so you can get more benefits from the tarp.

We have accessories used for securing the tarp. Remember that tie-downs are necessary when keeping the cover placed on an item. Without them, the tarp will drape off from the object or blown away by the wind.

We also have accessories which make your canopy or tarp tent stable. There are many ways to keep the tarp stable so it’s up to you on which method you will use.

We also offer products for repairing tarps and adding extra grommets. Having these will help you extend the service life of your tarp.