Construction Tarps


Construction Tarp Qualities

Our construction tarps are poly tarps. These are the most common tarps sold in the market. We carry heavy duty and light duty in large sizes. The blue poly covers are light-duty, however their quality is enough to meet the covering needs in construction sites. 

Poly tarps are made of poly sheets which are combined with interwoven poly strips in the core. The weave is the reason why the covers will not easily rip or tear. They are designed to withstand the elements. The ultraviolet treatment the tarp received prevents deterioration from frequent outdoor exposure. Poly tarps are waterproof so they can be used on rainy days. With arctic flexibility, the tarps are usable during winter.

The construction tarps feature rope reinforcement inside the hem. It prevents tearing from the sides of the tarp. The grommets placed on the sides allow you to secure the tarps using cords or ropes.

The service life of the construction tarp would depend on the area where it is being used. In hot places such as Arizona, Texas, Southern California and Florida, the tarps will have a shorter service life. The tarps are able to last longer in cooler regions.