Poly Tarps

Our line of poly tarps has always been what sets us apart from the rest. The Tarps Plus™ blue poly tarps are made with quality, yet they're the most affordable in the market. Our line of silver tarps, white tarps and silver/black combo tarps are all U.V. treated. The Tarps Plus poly tarps are ALL made with a solid and sealed poly coating on both sides of the tarp. Our heavy duty poly tarps are manufactured with top quality resin and grommets built in along the perimeter of the tarp. Tarps Plus' poly tarps are all 100% waterproof due to the solid polyethylene coating. The polyethylene structure enables the tarp to be mildew proof, tear resistant and acid resistant. Unlike canvas tarps, the poly tarps have arctic flexibility so they can withstand freezing temperatures and not become hardened. Tarps Plus strives to bring the world quality poly tarps.

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Guide to Using Poly Tarps

A poly tarp is ideal for many applications.  These are not your average department store type cheap poly tarps.  Our super heavy duty poly tarps are made from high grade polyethylene and should be 100% waterproof.

The color of a tarp does not usually signify any particular grade or thickness, but blue and brown poly tarps are classified as economy poly tarps within the industry. Light duty poly tarps are often used as temporary covers, they are used in construction projects and landscaping.  Roofers will also use the light duty poly tarps for temporary coverage until the roofing job is complete. The white poly tarps are often used during the winter for outdoor skating rinks because they give a clean, white appearance once the water freezes. White poly tarps are also used in the warmer months to reflect the light and absorbs less heat. 

Poly tarps are general purpose covers, but they still have their limitations.  There is a big difference with our poly tarps compared to the poly tarps Wal-Mart sells.  Our color selection is one of the largest in the USA. 

Qualities of a Poly Tarp

Poly tarps are a laminate of woven polyethylene strips and polyethylene sheets (bonded to the surface). With this combination, a poly tarp will not easily stretch or tear. Poly tarps are also treated against ultraviolet rays.  U.V. treatment enable the tarp to last longer in the sun.

Please note that even with U.V. treatment, the service life of a tarp will depend on the area where it is used.  The hotter the climate, the shorter the tarp will last.  Poly tarps can last longer in the northern parts of the USA and Canada.  Hotter areas like Arizona, Florida, Southern California, and Texas can expect a slightly shorter life span.

Poly tarps have arctic flexibility. When exposed to freezing conditions, these covers can still bend and do their jobs well. Poly tarps are also waterproof, so the item covered will stay dry under snowy and rainy conditions.