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Poly Tarps

Our line of poly tarps has always been what sets us apart from the rest. The Tarps Plus™ blue poly tarps are made with quality, yet they're the most affordable in the market. Our line of silver tarps, white tarps and silver/black combo tarps are all U.V. treated. The Tarps Plus poly tarps are ALL made with a solid and sealed poly coating on both sides of the tarp. Our heavy duty poly tarps are manufactured with top quality resin and grommets built in along the perimeter of the tarp. Tarps Plus' poly tarps are all 100% waterproof due to the solid polyethylene coating. The polyethylene structure enables the tarp to be mildew proof, tear resistant and acid resistant. Unlike canvas tarps, the poly tarps have arctic flexibility so they can withstand freezing temperatures and not become hardened. Tarps Plus strives to bring the world quality poly tarps.

Click on one of the tarps to view our many sizes of poly tarps.

  • Blue Poly Tarps

    Light duty blue poly tarps
  • Brown Poly Tarps

    Light duty brown poly tarps
  • Silver Poly Tarps

    Heavy duty silver poly tarps
  • White Poly Tarps

    Heavy duty white poly tarps
  • Silver/Black Poly Tarps

    Super heavy duty silver/black poly tarps
  • Green Poly Tarps

    Heavy duty green poly tarps
  • Tan Poly Tarps

    Heavy duty tan poly tarps
  • Camouflage Poly Tarps

    Medium duty camo poly tarps
  • Red Poly Tarps

    Heavy duty red poly tarps
  • Orange Poly Tarps

    Heavy duty orange poly tarps
  • Yellow Poly Tarps

    Heavy duty yellow poly tarps
  • Clear Poly Tarps

    Heavy duty clear poly tarps
  • Silver Fire Retardant Tarps

    Silver poly fire retardant tarps with a CPAI certificate
  • White Fire Retardant Tarps

    White poly fire retardant tarps with a CPAI certificate
  • Light Duty Poly Tarps

    Light duty blue poly tarps