Flame Retardant Vinyl Tarps

Super Heavy Duty Flame Retardant Vinyl Laminated Polyester
  • Finished Size: 6" or 3% allowed tolerance from stated size 
  • Weight: 18 oz/yd²
  • Thickness: 22 mils
  • #2 Brass Spur Grommets Spacing (all sides): 24" approx.
  • Double needle lock stitched hems
  • Heat sealed interior seams
  • Waterproof and UV resistant
  • Flame Retardant to California Fire Marshal, NFPA-701, ASTM-E-84
  • Made in the USA
  • For custom sizes email customerservice@abadak.com or call 1-800-838-3057

These industrial tarps have high tear strength and high abrasion resistance. They are also oil, grease, acid, and mildew resistant.

These tarps ship out within 15-20 business days. Want to know more about our shipping?

Recommended 18 oz. Flame Retardant Vinyl Polyester Coated Tarp Uses

When a material is flame retardant, it does not necessarily mean that it can resist fire. What it really does is it delays the spread of flames. So if you need covers for places and events with fire risks involved, the 18 oz. flame retardant vinyl polyester coated tarps are recommended.

Even with the extra ability, you can use these tarps as regular covers for your indoor and outdoor needs. We have a variety of colors and sizes so you can choose which tarp suits your work.

Below are the ideal uses of the 18 oz. flame retardant vinyl polyester coated tarp:

  • Divider curtains for rooms and booths
  • Floor covering
  • Stage roof cover
  • Salvage covering
  • Structure cover
  • Machine and equipment covering
  • Canopy/tent cover
  • Agricultural cover
  • Recreation cover (camping etc.)

These 18 oz. tarps might be too heavy for your needs. If you need lighter tarps, we suggest checking out our poly tarps. If it’s still a vinyl tarp you need, get heavy duty vinyl tarps which are lighter than these ones.

18 oz. Flame Retardant Vinyl Polyester Coated Tarp Qualities

The 18 oz. flame retardant vinyl polyester coated tarp is a heavy-duty and long-lasting cover. This is highly recommended for tough covering jobs and applications that require a cover to be used for more than three months.

These tarps are guaranteed sturdy. They have heat sealed seams and are tear resistant. They can handle all the jobs of the industrial and agricultural sector. They are also waterproof so objects covered by these tarps are well protected from rain and other liquids. Even the damaging agents brought by various weather conditions will not degrade these tarps.

Grommets are placed along the sides of the tarp. They help you secure the tarp easily. They are used with ropes and cords. These accessories can be bought from Tarps Plus. Just see our Tarp Accessories page.