Gym Floor Covers

We specialize in gym floor covers. Our gym floor covers have a thick poly coating to protect the gym floor. Tarps Plus covers schools, churches, and gymnasiums across the entire U.S.A. These gym floor covers can withstand heavy traffic. Our heavy-duty poly coating that has been applied to the covers makes it possible to lay down chairs and tables event after event without worry.

Do you need to change the color of the gym floor covers for any special occasion at school? We have so many colors to choose from, so that's not a problem at all! We will take care of your covering needs when you need to cover your gym floor with floor tarps for concerts, dances, trade shows, and other events and those that require chairs, tables, and other furniture, we have super heavy-duty silver and black poly tarpaulins available.

1200 denier - 7 ounce per sq. Yd and a 14 x 16 weave count. The gym floor tarp is mildew proof, waterproof, silver/black UV treated on both sides, heavy-duty silver/black poly coated, acid resistant, tear resistant, with arctic flexibility and built with grommets approximately every 18 in. The finished size of the silver/black tarp is approximately 6 inches or up to 3% smaller. We are confident that our gym floor covers will protect your floor well.


Need to protect the gym floor with some gym floor covers? No problem. Save the gym floor with our tarp gym floor covers! If you are looking for gym floor tarp covers at a great price, choose our gym floor covers. If you do not see the gym floor cover you are looking for, call for an exact quote on the coverage that you need: 1-800-838-3057. We have been selling floor tarps for decades. We know what you need when it comes to gym floor covers!

Gym Floor Cover Qualities

Our gym floor covers are guaranteed strong and long-lasting. They are thick covers which allow you to use them continuously for a long time. 

These floor tarps are often used to protect the surface of hardwood floors. Remember that resurfacing the gym can cost much money. So use a cover to avoid paying for a higher priced maintenance.

Gym floor covers allow you to convert the gym for special events. If you’re going to set up chairs and tables in the gymnasium, you can protect your flooring by using our gym floor cover.

This tarp is great for graduations, events, fund-raisers and other school activities. Various shoe soles can scratch the hardwood finish. And during events, it’s even possible that people accidentally spill liquids on the ground. Prevent damage to your flooring by using a gym floor cover.