Hurricane Tarps

We have been the leader in hurricane tarps and hurricane covers for the past 50 years. Tarps Plus is the industry's leading expert in poly hurricane covers. Our waterproof hurricane covers come in different colors and sizes. Blue poly hurricane tarps are the most popular hurricane covers with sizes ranging from 14'x20' - 50'x50' the most popular for most applications. If you are looking for an even heavier duty cover, then silver tarps are a better fit. We are proud to be ranked top in hurricane cover and tarp suppliers worldwide.

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The Uses of Hurricane Tarps

A hurricane tarp is an ideal covering solution before and after a disaster. It is the tarp commonly used for disaster relief. Here at Tarps Plus we offer general-purpose hurricane tarps and hurricane boat covers.

The general purpose tarps are often used for protecting residential and business properties, roofs, structures, outdoor equipment, supplies, livestock, and boats. Growers can also use these tarps to protect the topsoil from gale, hail, storm surge, and objects brought by high winds.

After the hurricane, there is a possibility that your roof will get damaged. And even if you want to have it repaired right away, it might be difficult to get professional help. That’s when you use a hurricane tarp. Use this as your temporary cover to prevent wind damage and water leakage until you get the repairs that you need. By doing so, you can prevent further damage in case it rains.

Hurricane tarps are just temporary covers. They are not meant for long-term use. For tarps, you can use for a longer time, check out our heavy-duty poly tarps.

These hurricane tarps made of polyethylene can be recycled. Go green by bringing them to recycling facilities that accept old and unusable hurricane covers.  FEMA likes to order the hurricane covers with 550 test paracord.  The cord is tied to the grommets on the tarp cover and then tied to the roof.


More Info on the Specs of Hurricane Tarps

Hurricane tarps are easy to carry because they are lightweight. Regardless of the size, even one person can do the tarp application wherever it is needed. These are weather resistant tarps that can perform well no matter what time of the year. Our hurricane tarps are also thicker than the regular ones you can buy from other sources.

Our hurricane tarps are UV treated. They will not easily deteriorate from constant exposure to heat and harmful rays of the sun. The surface of these tarps is waterproof, mildew defiant and acid resistant. When it rains, the objects underneath them are well protected. The tarps can also withstand the damaging agents brought by the rain and wind. Our hurricane tarps are also usable during the winter. They will not lose their flexibility from cold to freezing temperatures.

The hems of a hurricane tarp are rope reinforced. The tarp also has an interwoven core. Both features make the tarp resistant to stretching, and fraying. Tension coming from the grommets will not deform this tarp. A hurricane tarp also has grommets along the sides. These rings allow you to tie the tarp with ropes or cords.  If you are in an area where a hurricane may strike and need tarps now, call us at: 1-800-838-3057.

Due to increasing demand for Hurricane Relief Tarps. All bulk orders will be an ALL SALES FINAL with a no return policy. We appreciate your understanding.