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Tarp Canopies

These tarp canopies are built with galvanized steel poles.  The canopy frames can be fitted with poly tarps, mesh tarps, and various other types of tarp covers.

  • Valance Tarp Canopies

    Poly tarp top with valance overhang.
  • Mesh Tarp Canopies

    Tarp canopies with mesh screen tarp tops.
  • Enclosed Tarp Canopies

    Valance tarp canopy with complete enclosure kit.
  • Flat Tarp Canopies

    Tarp Pole Canopies with Flat Roofs
  • Fire Retardant Tarp Canopies

    Tarp Canopies with a CPAI-84 Fire Retardant Poly Tarp
  • Super Heavy Duty Tarp Canopies

    Tarp Canopies with 2" Pole Dia. & Heavy Gage Steel
  • Canopy Covers and Walls

    Tops and walls for tarp canopies; pop up tents; and
  • Canopy Frame Only

    Order Tarp Canopies with The Frame Only
  • Tarp Canopies

    A variety of tarp canopies in different sizes; colors; and kits

When looking at tarps canopies, it is essential to get a high mesh count on the tarp tops and a high gauge count on the metal frame tent structure. Heavy-duty materials for tarp canopies are what we specialize in, so if you are using one of our frames as a tarp garage or any other type of tarp storage, you know you've made the right choice. Our tarps are built with the highest grade polyethylene. Our poly tarp material has a very high mesh count and a heavy-duty thick poly coating for ultimate sun, snow, and rain protection. 

Tarps Plus carries tarp canopies for a variety of uses. With our wide selection of heavy-duty tarp canopies, pop-up tents, and canopy tops and walls, we’ve got a canopy tarp for every occasion. If you’re not sure which canopy tarp will suit your needs, give us a call, and our experienced team can help you find exactly what you are looking for.  

Tarp Canopies

Our heavy-duty poly or mesh tarp canopy kits are available with no edge, with a valance, or enclosed. Tarps Plus canopy kits come with a galvanized steel pole frame with heavy-duty frame joints and footpads. The galvanized steel construction ensures that the frame will be durable and will remain rust-free for the life of the frame. The tarp canopies are treated with a U.V. resistant coating, which helps the tarp withstand sun damage and last longer. Canopy tarps are meant for temporary but longer-term use than a pop-up canopy. 

Tarp canopies make great carports that protect a vehicle’s finish from the harmful effects of the sun. They are also great for keeping snow from piling up on vehicles. Tarps Plus offers tarp canopy kits that come in widths suitable for one or two vehicles. 

Tarp canopies are an elegant solution for protecting event guests from the elements. With a variety of colors available, Tarps Plus can match your event décor to add a beautiful protective covering to any gathering. Choosing a canopy tarp with a valance edge gives extra protection from rain and snow. The valance edge also gives the canopy a more sophisticated look. 


For the most protection, choose an enclosed heavy-duty canopy tarp kit. Tarps Plus enclosed tarp canopies kits have zippered access on one side. These enclosed kits provide complete protection for your stored items.