Fire Retardant Tarp Canopies

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Heavy Duty Fire Retardant Canopies

Our heavy-duty fire retardant canopies have top covers different from the typical ones we offer. These covers have the ability to slow down or stop the fire. They comply with the standards set by fire retardancy regulations.

These canopies can be used just like how you would use the other canopies. But with the extra protection, they can provide, you can use them for specific needs.

Fire retardant canopies are highly recommended for events and activities where the risk of fire is a possibility. These are suitable for car racing events and barbeque parties.

The top cover underwent treatment that decreases the flammability of various materials. Remember that fire retardants are not fireproof. They can only delay the process of combustion. In case of the fire starts, the flames will spread slowly, giving firefighters an easier time to stop the fire. There will be less damage to surrounding properties with fire retardant canopies.

Our fire retardant canopies have a frame made of galvanized steel components. Galvanized steel can last for years. It won't rust or corrode easily. The top cover, aside from being fire retardant, is UV treated and waterproof. These properties make the fire retardant canopies usable in different weather conditions.

The top cover has grommets found along the sides. These are used with or cords. The grommets allow you to easily install the top cover to the frame.

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