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Blue Mesh Tarps - Shade Screens

Blue Mesh Tarps - Shade Screens

Sports facilities and construction sites utilize the protective ability of the blue mesh tarps - shade screens. You get quality wind, debris and sun protection. These tarps are made of top quality polyethylene.

When setting up a canopy on a windy area, the use of blue mesh tarps are recommended. They can keep your canopy steady. Select the best size to fit your needs below. Place an order for these blue mesh tarps - shade screens today.



Mesh Tarps/Shade Screen - Heavy-Duty Poly Mesh Tarpaulin

  • Grommets approx. every 18 Inches
  • Mildewproof
  • Tear resistant
  • 70% shade

Blue mesh tarp finished size is approx. 6" or up to 3% smaller. Shades of blue may vary.

These Tarps Are Sold Individually - Tarps sold by the case can be found by clicking on "For Tarps by Case Click Here"

Blue Mesh Tarps - Shade Screens
Blue Mesh Tarps<br /> 8' x 20'<br /> 1 Tarp per carton

Blue Mesh Tarp 8' x 20' - Single

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Recommended Blue Mesh Tarp Applications

For your outdoor shading needs, you can rely on our blue mesh tarps. Since they have a dark color, you are guaranteed mesh tarps that can last for a long time.

A little amount of light can pass through these covers. This ability makes the mesh tarps great for covering low light plants and nursery beds. Remember that plants need sunlight, but some varieties need to be under shaded spots to develop healthily. So when growing plants like these, choose our blue mesh tarps as your covers.

Blue mesh tarps are recommended for covering trucks, especially when your cargo consists of aggregates. They are tough enough to withstand the heavy demands of the trucking industry.

Check out the other ideal uses of blue mesh tarps:

  • Construction cover
  • Horticulture
  • Pool cover
  • Koi pond and garden cover
  • Canopy top cover and sidewalls

There are applications that require full protection from the sun. With the mesh design of these tarps, we do not recommend them for such applications. Check out our poly tarps if you need complete sun protection.


Blue Mesh Tarp Qualities

With the amazing features of blue mesh tarps, you can keep yourself cool outdoors. The harmful rays are filtered by these blue mesh tarps. They let in about 30% of sunlight.

These mesh tarps do not resist the wind. They diffuse its power instead. That’s why we recommend these covers as sidewalls for your canopies. Install blue mesh tarps whenever you erect your canopy on a windy spot. They can help make the structure steady.

These heavy-duty covers are able to handle long-term applications and abusive jobs. They will not deteriorate from continuous outdoor exposure. They’re perfect for items you need to cover for more than three months. These covers are able to withstand frequent sun exposure with the UV treatment they received. Our blue mesh poly tarps are also waterproof. They can resist the harmful agents brought by the rain. These tarps also have arctic flexibility so they are usable even during the winter season. With all these amazing qualities, you get tarps you can use the entire year.

There are grommets along the sides of a blue mesh tarp. Just insert ropes or cords to easily tie or install the tarp wherever it’s needed. Both accessories can be purchased from Tarps Plus.

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