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All these truck tarps are equipped with a heavy duty coating of polyethylene. All hems are reinforced with 1/4" triple braided roping, double stitched in hems, corners and reinforced seams. It features heat sealed interior seams. D Rings are 1" stainless steel plated on nylon webbing every 2'. There is a triangular reinforced fabric with each D Ring to assure a strong fit on the truck bed or truck load. Here at Tarps Plus, we know how important quality and durability is to the trucking industry when it comes to truck tarps that's why we offer only the best. So if you are looking for the ultimate tarp to cover your flat or container truck, we suggest our super heavy duty truck tarps.

All Truck Tarps are 6.5 oz. Per Square Yard. - 1200 Denier with a 14x14 Mesh Count.

  • Solid brass grommets reinforced every corner
  • Waterproof
  • Tear resistant
  • Acid resistant
  • Heavy duty poly truck tarp
  • Arctic flexibility
  • UV treated on both sides to protect truck loads

These truck tarps are sold by the case

Truck Tarp Qualities

Truck tarps are not just for protecting materials, equipment and supplies to be transported. Since they can keep your items on the back of the truck, pedestrian accidents and other damages can be prevented. Without a cover, your cargo might fall off either from the speed of the truck or high winds in case you’re doing the transport work under severe weather conditions.

With solid brass grommets found on the corners of the truck tarp, you can easily keep the tarp in one place. Use tie-downs with these rings. We have ropes and cords available here at Tarps Plus.

Both sides of the truck are UV treated so you can expose either side to the sun. Even when used frequently for transport work, it would take years before the tarp will deteriorate. The surface is also waterproof. Water will not leak through the tarp so your items are well protected from the rain and other liquids. Our truck tarps also have arctic flexibility. You can use them even during the winter season.