Heavy Duty Vinyl Tarps

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10 oz. Vinyl Tarps
Heavy Duty Vinyl Coated Polyester

  • Finished Size: 6" or 3% less than stated size
  • Double needle lock stitched hems
  • Weight: 10 oz/yd²
  • Heat sealed interior seams
  • Thickness: 13-15 mils
  • Waterproof and UV resistant
  • Grommet Spacing (all sides): 24" approx.
  • Made in the USA

These industrial tarps have high tear strength and high abrasion resistance. They are also oil, grease, acid, and mildew resistant.

These tarps ship out within 15-20 business days. Want to know more about our shipping?

What’s Great About a 10 oz. Heavy Duty Vinyl Tarps

  • They are made from a thick material that handles abrasions very well
  • They are tough, durable, and last longer than any polyethlene material
  • A favorite material of athletic facilities across the nation for gym and field coverings as well as trucking companies to cover loads, construction companies to cover equipment and create temporary fencing, on oil rigs and in refineries, and for use in boat yards.
  • Also great to use as shade coverings on canopy frames or trailers
  • Made to order so that the perfect size is always an option
  • The uses for a vinyl tarp are endless and it’s a high quality product to suit any need 

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