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Custom Tarps

Tarp users choose canvas tarps mainly for their breathability. Any color may be good, but when they have specific needs, they will certainly pick the best color. Tan poly tarps are usually selected when the application is in a desert environment. The military will certainly find these covers useful for their desert training exercises. The tan canvas tarp is a durable cover that blends with this type of environment.Artists who want to stray from the use of typical white canvas can turn to the tan canvas tarps. For projects that involve Sanskrit writings and detailed drawings, these tarps are the go-to. Artwork done in darker shades of paint would surely look great on these tarps.Tan canvas tarps may be tough and heavy-duty, but they are not ideal for certain applications including the following:
  • White Poly Tarps

    Heavy duty white poly tarps
  • Clear Poly Tarps

    Heavy duty clear poly tarps
  • Black Mesh Tarps

    Super shade black mesh tarps that last
  • Silver/Black Poly Tarps

    Super heavy duty silver/black poly tarps
  • Blue Poly Tarps

    Light duty blue poly tarps
  • Tan Poly Tarps

    Heavy duty tan poly tarps
  • Tan Canvas Tarps

    Rustic tan canvas tarps.
  • Silver Poly Tarps

    Heavy duty silver poly tarps
  • Poly Mesh Tarps

    Poly mesh tarps giving approx. 70% shade