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Poly Mesh Tarps

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  • Finished Size: 6" or 3% less than the stated size
  • Shade Factor: 70%
  • Weight: 6 oz/yd²
  • UV resistant
  • Grommet Spacing (all sides): 18" approx.
  • Color may vary


Tarps are acid, mildew, and tear-resistant along with having arctic flexibility and a rope reinforced hem. These tarps are perfect to have on hand in your house, car, truck, boat, or RV to make sure you are enabled to handle numerous heavy-duty applications.
These tarps ship out within 1-2 business days. 
What’s Great About the Mesh Tarps

  • Great to use on canopies to create a shaded area while still letting wind and water through or on top of plants to shade them
  • Perfect for wrapping around the patio for a screened-in feel
  • On the go coverage includes but not limited to temporary car, boat, truck, and RV coverage, makeshift shelters, keeping firewood dry and providing temporary shade
  • Strong, long-lasting coverage in a compact package