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Ball Bungee Info

Ball bungees are an essential accessory that can be used with virtually any tarp. They are available in both 6" and 9" lengths. There is a color choice of black or white.

These ball bungees simply pull through your tarp's grommets and back around the ball to create a secure loop. These can be looped around a canopy pole to install a canopy cover. 

Written by Carrol Beck

January 16, 2019

We have a catering company and have been getting ball bungees from Tarps Plus for over several years. I have used other companies before that and the rubber in the bungees would lose their elasticity. Tarps Plus' bungees have a thicker cord and have served us well. Getting more today for our additions.

Written by Robert Vasser

June 14, 2020

I use the ball bungees to tie tarps for our bi-weekly flea market. I have used ball bungees for over 22 years. Every once in a while I test a batch of ball bungees from every large department store and tarp company around and these ball bungees from Tarps Plus always last me longer. About 6 years ago I got some and they did last as long, I called up and they replaced the ball bungees at no charge. Great company and great tarps and bungees.

Written by Cathy fakler

July 08, 2020

I suggest to everyone at our flea market to get ball bungees from Tarps Plus. All the vendors hear complain about ball bungees not lasting and yall's seem to last the longest. I always suggest tarps and bungees from you guys.

Written by keith Harding

July 15, 2020

Without a doubt, these ball bungees are the longest lasting I have used. I use the ball bungees for tying tarps to canopy tents for off-road races. I have bought tarp bungees from other places a few time and they always wear out in the sun as to where the Tarps Plus bungees seem to last longer. You guys got my vote.
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