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Tan Canvas Tarps

These tan canvas tarps protect you from the sun and provide you a nice shade. These covers are made with the top quality materials. The canvas tarps we offer are made with industrial grade durable cotton, which are very flexible so they can be folded or rolled up. Tan canvas tarps can be used for hauling debris.

Tan Canvas Tarps - Heavy-Duty Cotton Canvas Tarp
The Tan canvas tarps are sold individually

  • Brass grommets approx. every 2 feet
  • Tear defiant
  • Wax treatment
  • Water resistant
  • Spec 16 oz/yd² (Actual range is 15-18 oz/yd² due to finish process)

For natural/untreated Canvas tarps, give us a call at 1-800-838-3057
*The finished cut size is approx. 6" or up to 3% smaller


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Tan Canvas Tarps
Tan Canvas Tarp 5' x 7'

Tan Canvas Tarp 5' x 7' - OUT OF STOCK


Tan Canvas Tarp 6' x 8'

Tan Canvas Tarp 6' x 8'


Tan Canvas Tarps 6'x10' 1 Tarp per carton

Tan Canvas Tarp 6' x 10' - OUT OF STOCK


Tan Canvas Tarp 6' x 20'

Tan Canvas Tarp 6' x 20'


Tan Canvas Tarps 8'x10' 1 Tarp per carton

Tan Canvas Tarp 8' x 10' - OUT OF STOCK


Tan Canvas Tarp 8' x 12'

Tan Canvas Tarp 8' x 12' - OUT OF STOCK


Tan Canvas Tarp 10' x 12'

Tan Canvas Tarp 10' x 12' - OUT OF STOCK


Tan Canvas Tarp 10' x 16'

Tan Canvas Tarp 10' x 16'


Tan Canvas Tarp 12' x 20'

Tan Canvas Tarp 12' x 20'


Tan Canvas Tarps 14'x20' 1 Tarp per carton

Tan Canvas Tarp 14' x 20'


Tan Canvas Tarp 20' x 20'

Tan Canvas Tarp 20' x 20'



Recommended Uses of Tan Canvas Tarps

Tarp users choose canvas tarps mainly for their breathability. Any color may be good, but when they have specific needs, they will certainly pick the best color. Tan poly tarps are usually selected when the application is in a desert environment. The military will certainly find these covers useful for their desert training exercises. The tan canvas tarp is a durable cover that blends with this type of environment.

Artists who want to stray from the use of typical white canvas can turn to the tan canvas tarps. For projects that involve Sanskrit writings and detailed drawings, these tarps are the go-to. Artwork done in darker shades of paint would surely look great on these tarps.

Tan canvas tarps may be tough and heavy-duty, but they are not ideal for certain applications including the following:

  • Canopy accessories (cover and sidewalls)
  • Indoor use (e.g. room dividers)
  • Roof covers
  • Trailer covers
  • Car and boat covers


Qualities of Tan Canvas Tarps

Our tan canvas tarps are made of industrial grade cotton. They are thick which makes them great for long-term protection. Canvas tarps are breathable. They allow air circulation so rot, mildew and molds will not form on the items they cover.

Tan canvas tarps are water repellent. They can only hold up to a certain amount of water. Once the saturation point has been reached, water will leak from this tarp. So if you need immediate water protection, you may use a canvas tarp but be sure to replace it with a waterproof cover as soon as possible.

The sides of tan canvas tarps also have good features. The grommets found along the sides also allow you to tie the tarp with ropes or elastic cords.

Newly purchased tan canvas tarps will have an odor because they are colored with a dye and treated with wax to add water resistance. The smell eventually dissipates after every use.

Tan canvas tarps require proper maintenance to last for a long time. A special kind of soap is needed to clean them. Otherwise, the color might bleed and the wax might wear off. Do not machine wash this tarp. The color will likely stain your washing machine. 

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