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Spring Clamps

Spring Clamps

The spring clamps are great metal clips to hold tarps. The fast action of spring clamps comes in handy when you need to hang the tarps fast. Our spring clamps are heavy duty and made with high quality steel with rubber tips and handles. If you need metal clips to hold tarps, we suggest these spring clamps.

Spring Clamps
Spring Clamps 2 inch<br />6 per case

Spring Clamps 2 inch
10 clamps per package


Spring Clamps 4 inch<br />4 clamps per case

Spring Clamps 4 inch
4 clamps per package - OUT OF STOCK


Spring Clamps 6 inch<br />2 clamps per case

Spring Clamps 6 inch
2 clamps per package



Why Spring Clamps Are Useful With Tarps

Spring clamps are essential items for those who using tarps. This is because a tarp will need to use these at some point of time or the other to hold it together in a particular position.

Basic spring clamps are very cheap but they are also invaluable for anyone that is working in a wood shop. These clamps are known for their strength and can be positioned easily with one hand. Being so cheap, it makes sense to buy them in the dozens. They can enable to hang a tarp like a curtain if you use the clamps along a rope or pole.

When choosing these clamps, be sure to pick those that have tips of the clamp jaw that are covered with some kind of protective plastic or which have covers made out of rubber. These covers will keep the surface from being marred and prevent the tarp from punctures.

Spring clamps can be used for a number of purposes, especially most types of tent and tarp coverings. They can also be used to hold band saw circle cutting jigs in place. They can also be used to damp glue ups and to hold molding. You must ensure, before buying these clamps that they are not used for safety purposes. So, do not use them to hold a tarp in place as the clamp can move and be pushed out of its place.

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