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Red Poly Tarps

Red Tarp - Heavy-duty Poly Tarpaulin
6.0 oz. Per Square Yard. - 1200 Denier - 14x14 Weave Count

  • Grommets approx. every 18 inches
  • Acid resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Heavy-duty poly tarp
  • 10 - 12 mil
  • Mildew resistant
  • Arctic flexibility
  • Tear resistant
  • UV treated on both sides
  • Red tarpaulin finished size is approx. 6" or up to 3% smaller

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Red Poly Tarps
Red Tarp 6' x 8' - Single

Red Poly Tarp 6' x 8'

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Red Tarp 10' x 10' - Single

Red Poly Tarp 10' x 10'

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Red Tarp 10' x 12' - Single

Red Poly Tarp 10' x 12'

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Red Tarp 12' x 16' - Single

Red Poly Tarp 12' x 16'

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Red Tarp 12' x 20' - Single

Red Poly Tarp 12' x 20'

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Red Tarp 14' x 20' - Single

Red Poly Tarp 14' x 20'

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Red Tarp 20' x 20' - Single

Red Poly Tarp 20' x 20'

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Red Tarp 20' x 30' - Single

Red Poly Tarp 20' x 30'

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Red Tarp 20' x 40' - Single

Red Poly Tarp 20' x 40'

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Red Tarps 30' x 40' - Single

Red Poly Tarp 30' x 40'



Ideal Uses of Red Poly Tarps

Red poly tarps are high visibility tarps. While they can be used for various covering needs, there are certain situations where these vibrantly colored tarps are most suitable.

We recommend our red poly tarps to people who sell outdoors. With the radiant red color of the tarp, you can surely grab the attention of customers even from a distance. If the color scheme of the brand or product you’re promoting has the color red, get this tarp

Brightly colored tarps are suitable for emergency situations. The color helps the rescue team locate the spots where help is needed. Pedestrians can also be kept safe by signaling them that an area is a danger zone. You can use red poly tarps as your signal to them. Cover the mess of your project while keeping people away from harm.

Are you having outdoor decorations during the holiday season? Our red poly tarps will definitely go well with outdoor Christmas decor. They are also great for sports events or any other outdoor activities.

Red poly tarps are not recommended for applications that require an inconspicuous cover. Check out the other colors found here at Tarps Plus if you’re looking for a cover for such needs.

Our red poly tarps can be recycled. They are made of polyethylene plastic. Go green and ask around your community for facilities that recycle tarps. Surrender your worn out tarps to these places instead of throwing them away.


Red Poly Tarp Qualities

Red poly tarps are heavy-duty covers. They have a high denier, a high mesh weave count and are thick. Our red poly tarps can handle long-term covering applications and demanding jobs.

These heavy-duty tarps can endure different weather conditions. They are designed to last season after season. A red poly tarp is UV treated so it can prevent deterioration from sun exposure and can maintain its waterproof quality. The damaging agents brought by rain cannot damage this tarp. During the winter season, this tarp can maintain its flexibility.

You can easily install the red poly tarp wherever you need it. It has grommets along the sides. Use ropes or elastic cords to easily tie the tarp. Do check out our accessories page to see items that go well with poly tarps.

Our red poly tarps are resistant to tearing, stretching, fraying and ripping. They are toughened by the interwoven core and rope reinforcement inside the hems of each tarp. 

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