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Tarps Plus'™ vinyl mesh tarps are made with the right grade of vinyl, mesh, grommets that enable the tarp to last longer than other vinyl mesh tarps.  We specialize in the right grade of UV treatment that helps the tarp to last longer.  Our vinyl coated mesh tarps are super heavy-duty and a favorite of golf courses, construction companies, nurseries and outdoor restaurants that want the longest lasting outdoor shade.

These tarps ship out within 15-20 business days. Want to know more about our shipping?

Vinyl Mesh Tarps Specs:

  • 10 oz per sq. yd.
  •        Brass Grommets every 2 ft.
  • 11 x 11 Weave Count
  • Material: Vinyl Mesh

What's Great About The Vinyl Mesh Tarps

  • Tough & Durable Shade - 50% Shade
  • Long Lasting
  • Strong Vinyl Material

Benefits of The Vinyl Mesh Tarps

  • Heavy Duty Debris Management
  • Lets Water & Wind Through But Still Shades
  • Printable Material

These Vinyl Mesh Tarps are thick and handle wind friction very well which makes it a dump truck tarp. 

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