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Pop Up Tents

TarpsPlus™ offers some of the best pop up tents for all occasions and events. From our heavy duty Diamond series to our Weekender series, these pop up tents have everything you could want for a weekend at the beach or a place to show goods at a crafts fair. All of TarpsPlus' pop up tents offer better protection, better durability and better strength.

We carry a wide range of pop up tents. From the commercial grade Show Series, to the highly decorative Deco Series, these pop up tents are built to last and are great for a varity of uses like outdoor catering or as a marketplace stall. They are also great for vendors or for creating an oasis of shade during a hot, sunny day. Whatever they might be needed for, they are an excellent choice for an easy to use, instant structure.

To set up these pop up tents, just pull one leg away from the others until the frame has fully expanded and the corners lock into place. The frame's simple engineering makes it easy and fast to set up and take down along with locking mechanisms that give the structure some reinforced stability and strength.


  • 100% Waterproof and High Denier Top
  • Rust Resistant Steel Frame
  • Heavy Duty Frame Joints
  • Built in Foot Pads with Holes for Canopy Stakes

More Information on Pop Up Tents
Our pop up tent frames are powder coated with a dry paint that hardens into a protective shell that protects the steel from rust and corrosion. It lasts longer than conventional wet paints and is an environmentally friendly process.

The polyester top is a tough fabric that can resist wrinkling, abraiding, stretching, and shrinking. These tops retain their shape well and shifting weather conditions will not deform the cover.

Pop up tents provide outdoor protection and shade, however they are not as durable as canopies. They are recommended for short term use and they should be taken down during inclement weather to protect the frame and cover. They are not designed to withstand the elements for long periods of time and heavy winds and rain can damage them. 


Pop-up tents are a quick way to add temporary shade and to protect against the elements. Tarps Plus pop up tents are portable as well as quick and simple to erect. This lighter-duty option is great for short-term, temporary use. Pop-up tent canopies are great to use at picnics, camping, craft shows, and sporting events. 

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