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Vinyl Mesh Tarp - Tan

The tan vinyl mesh tarps are a favorite of truckers, gardeners and backyard enthusiasts.

All the vinyl coated mesh tarps have heat sealed seams, web reinforced hems and brass grommets every 24 inches around the perimeter of the tarp. Note: The tan vinyl coated mesh tarps are custom made. The vinyl coated mesh tarps are handmade here in the United States. 

Note: These are made to order tarps. This vinyl tarp is hand-sewn here in the United States. It takes approximately 15 - 20 business days before your tarp is shipped to you. We appreciate your patience.

  • Fabric: 10 oz per sq. yd, 11 x 11 count plain weave, provides 50% shade
  • Breathable
  • Mildew, acid, oil and grease resistant
  • Ultraviolet ray resistant
  • Brass grommets every 2 ft. on all sides.
  • The tan vinyl mesh tarp has heat sealed seams and web reinforced hems

Ideal Tan Vinyl Coated Mesh Tarp Applications

The tan vinyl coated mesh tarp is a neutral colored tarp. It’s an inconspicuous tarp which blends with different environments. It provides 50% shade while filtering out the harmful UV rays coming from the sun. You can enjoy the outdoors while staying cool under the protection of this mesh tarp.

Do you have bushes, shrubs or trees to transport? We have various sizes available for your specific needs. And since it’s a mesh tarp you’re going to use, the plant can still receive the nutrients it needs while it’s being transported from one location to another. The tarp also secures the plant on the vehicle so it won’t fall off from the speed of the truck or high winds.

The other ideal applications for tan vinyl coated mesh tarp are the following:

  • Wind break
  • Shelter/shade
  • Construction
  • Industrial
  • Fencing
  • Trucking
  • Landscape
  • Agricultural
  • Lawn

Our tan vinyl coated mesh tarp can only provide partial protection from sun and rain. If it’s full protection you need, check out the other tarps available here. Tarps Plus offers a variety of covers for general and specific purposes.

Tan Vinyl Coated Mesh Tarp Qualities

The tan vinyl coated mesh tarp has a design that provides a controlled environment for plants. Growers usually get this tarp because it lessens the intensity of the sun and allows some water through. Low light plants can thrive under the protection of this cover.

This mesh tarp will not tear easily. It is also strengthened by the heat sealed seams and rope reinforced hems. All the amazing qualities and features of the tan vinyl coated mesh tarp make it a cover that will last for years.

You can easily install this tarp with the grommets placed along its sides. The tarps are fastened by inserting cords and ropes through these rings and then tying down the other ends. We offer tie-downs you can use with the tan vinyl coated mesh tarp. Check out our Tarps Accessories page.