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Canvas Tarps

Canvas Tarps

Tarps Plus has a long standing reputation for making high quality canvas tarps in multiple colors. The Tarps Plus brand canvas tarps have been the industry's standard for decades. The canvas tarps grommets are crafted with heavy gauge brass which will not rust. All our canvas tarps are Hemmed & Stitched around the perimeter and reinforced at each eyelet. We take great measures to make sure our canvas is made with high grade cotton, then we treat the canvas as well. Thickness of the threading is paramount to us to make sure our canvas tarps stand above the rest.

The Tarps Plus brand super heavy duty canvas tarps are used by truckers, painters and farmers worldwide. The stitching that is tailored into the tarp material as well as the thickness of the canvas is what makes a canvas tarp more impervious to abrasions and harsh weather.

Our canvas tarps are made with duck filled cotton canvas fabric. The important things to know about canvas tarps are the denier, weight and quality of stitching. The canvas tarps have four ply fabric reinforced corners & grommets. Our inventory of canvas tarps in very extensive with over several different colors and countless sizes to choose from.

If you are looking for natural and untreated canvas tarps, give us a call at 1-800-838-3057

Tan Canvas Tarps
Rustic tan canvas tarps.
White Canvas Tarps
High end looking white canvas tarps.
Green Canvas Tarps
Green canvas tarps that blend in.
Blue Canvas Tarps
Regal blue canvas tarps, great for boating.
Olive Drab Canvas Tarps
Olive drab canvas tarps
Fire Retardant Heavy Duty Canvas Tarps
Fire & flame retardant canvas tarps.
Custom Canvas Tarps
Special order custom canvas tarps.
Canvas Drop Cloth
Heavy duty canvas cloth absorbing canvas drop cloth for painting and construction.
Looking for the ultimate canvas tarps? Get the industry's leading canvas tarps! Tarps Plus brand canvas tarps are a favorite with painters needing a good tarp for paint absorption. The canvas tarps' grommets, material and stitching make our canvas tarps the leading canvas covers on the market. The white canvas tarps not only make great canvas backdrops for artists but are perfect for covering outdoor areas that need to look nostalgic. Our blue canvas tarps give a very high end look and make great boat covers. Tarps Plus is a long standing and leading canvas tarp supplier and is why heavy tarp users always come back to our brand of canvas. The moment our customers open the box and feel the material, they know they bought thier canvas tarp and the right place.

We also have large canvas tarps for industrial use. We stock the biggest canvas tarps in the industry so if you need to cover that big job with canvas we can solve your problem.

Technical aspects to consider with canvas tarps.
  • 100% cotton canvas
  • Rust resistant grommets
  • Double stitched hems
  • Large thread shaft in material
  • Duck filled treated canvas tarp

    We started out with all our tarps made from canvas. Tarps Plus starting selling canvas tarps in the Late 1950s. The invention of polyethylene was in the mid 1960s and treated canvas was the cover of choice. Offering the highest quality and durable canvas tarps to the trucking industry was basically how Tarps Plus began.

    Top Five Reasons To Choose Canvas Tarps
    1. The canvas tarps can handle abrasiveness very well.
    2. Canvas tarps are breathable.
    3. Canvas can absorb paint better.
    4. Canvas tarps are 100% cotton and environmentally safe.
    5. Canvas tarps have an nostalgic and rustic look.

    The modern poly tarpaulin is more common these days but there are many applications that are only used for good old canvas tarps.