What to Expect From Tarps Plus in 2022

What to Expect From Tarps Plus in 2022

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We've all experienced some dramatic changes throughout 2021. From the initial lockdown, every single person strived to adjust their lifestyles in order to keep the entire population safe.  We at Tarps Plus have been trying to do our job and be helpful where ever we can. 

"The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), 2022 and Hurricane tarps. The NOAA says there will be an above-average hurricane season for the year 2022.  Tarps Plus will be stock piling twice as much hurricane tarp inventory as last year, to make sure we are prepared if a hurricane should strike the U.S. 

As the weather shifts, so does the tarp industry. COVID-19 pandemic has raised the demand for tarps as room dividers in healthcare centers to manage the high volume of covid-19 patients with tented facilities. We have increase our inventory of clear and white poly tarps which are highly used in medical facilities. 

Clear Vinyl Tarps are the best partitions which can be utilized as curtains in all the operations in various sectors to protect against the virus spread.

The agricultural sector finds itself challenged with maximizing crop yield and raising costs thus making tarps essential for weather protection, such as in hay farming.  We upgraded the UV treatment in our hay tarps and that new supply will be here the first week of February.   

Tarps Plus offers a number of tarps that help in the creation of safe spaces to help schools, shops, businesses, restaurants, and bars to safeguard people against the airborne virus and contaminants. We will be rolling out a new grade of safety tarps and hay tarps for 2022 to aid against the virus spread. The advances would be made using longer-lasting material that could handle heavier duty applications. The advance tarps will have seatbelt grade handles.

Tarps Plus also plans to launch expansions in colors, grades, and options for their heavy-duty tarps, custom tarps, camping tarps, mesh tarps, and canvas tarps for the year 2022.

We also have a big surprise later on in the year so stay tuned.


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