steel tarps

Below is some educational information about steel tarps:

Super heavy-duty steel tarps for covering loads of steel on your truck. The steel tarps are usually 16' wide, so they will have a 4' side drop on an 8' wide load. The common steel tarp for big trucks is 16' wide x 27' long. Grommets are installed all around the hem of the steel tarp plus 2 rows of D rings every 24" on each long side. The D rings are sewn under continuous rows of 2" seat belt webbing and placed 2' and 4' up from the edge (hem), so that the opposing top rows on each side are 8' apart. The trucking industry depends of quality when it comes tosteel tarps and these covers are sure to deliver.

Steel Tarp Qualities

Supplies, materials and other items made of steel which are to be transported via flatbed trucks and trailers can be dangerous to pedestrians and nearby cars when unsecured. So it’s important to place a cover on your truck to keep these steel objects from falling off your vehicle. Go with steel tarps for such instances.

While it’s called steel tarp, this cover is not really made of steel. It is named after its purpose which is for covering metal coils and flat steel. Steel tarps are manufactured according to safety standards for steel hauling. Only premium quality materials are used to ensure lastingness of the tarp.

The grommets and D rings allow you to easily install and secure the tarp to your truck.