roofers tear-off tarps

Below is some educational information about roofers tarps:

The roofers tarps are made using a tarp material that is black vinyl coated as well as super tough. These tarps are 40 ounces per sq. yd. The tarp is created with two inches high strength webbing colored yellow with three inches ID and 3/8 inches of O-rings that are made of heavy steel and are sewn at the webbing ends. The tarp is sewn with a plus and criss-cross pattern. These tarps are made for removing debris from construction sites and roofs. The debris removed is then put onto the tarp and the tarps are lifted with clevis hooks along with its load.

CAUTION: The roofers tear-off tarp is not meant to be used as a lifting sling. Make sure that no one is ever under any materials that are being lifted. Pay attention to any wear points in the tear off tarp. If wear points are visible, do not use the tarp and replace it immediately.

Roofers Tear-Off Tarp Qualities

The tear-off tarps are made of vinyl coated polyester. This type of fabric is waterproof. It can also resist dirt, mildew, oil, salt, chemicals and ultraviolet rays from the sun. It’s a tough fabric which will not easily tear, stretch, rot or crack. These are the qualities that make the tarp handle debris well.

Whatever your roof projects are, you can always rely on these tear-off tarps for your cleaning needs. They can also be used for construction and home improvement projects.