hurricane covers and tarps

Our hurricane tarps are government standard issue. We are the leading tarp supplier for hurricane covers in North America. These waterproof hurricane tarps are strong, tear resistant high density polyethylene and are 100% waterproof for rain protection, dust and grease. Tarps Plus is the top tarp supplier in the united states and has worked closely with all the emergency response agencies in the U.S. to manufacture the proper government issued hurricane covers.

Our warehouses are always filled with these high quality U.S. Army standard hurricane covers so we always have the largest supply with the quickest response time for hurricane relief. If you need a hurricane tarps for a multi application or a tarp to cover a roof, we suggest these blue poly hurricane tarps. Our hurricane covers have a 8 x 10 Weave Count are 4.0 oz. per square yard and 5-6 mil. thick. If you want something to blend into the environment we suggest our brown hurricane covers. We offer the small to very large hurricane covers to fit all type of homes and structures. Although the blue is more common, both brown and our blue tarp hurricane covers meet the proper specifications. Government and hurricane relief requests can call: 1-800-838-3057 and get assistance from a live operator any hour - day or night to assure you the fastest response time for hurricane covers.

Some of our Hurricane Covers and Tarps can be found HERE

Do you need real hurricane tarps? The roofing industry has high standards for hurricane covers. Our hurricane tarp covers are made to government standards and are a favorite with our roof tarp customers. Our hurricane covers have an 8 x 10 weave count, are 4.0 oz. per square yard and 7 mil. thick. Note: the finished size is approx. 6" or up to 2% smaller and the ounces per square yard can slightly vary. Have you seen all those roofs covered with blue tarp hurricane covers? We take pride in being the leading contributor of hurricane covers for people that have lost their roof to a tropical storm or hurricane. We have distributed blue tarps in Louisiana, hurricane blue tarps in Florida and plastic hurricane tarp covers in Texas for major hurricane relief. If you are looking for the right roof tarp or hurricane tarp cover, you cannot beat our hurricane tarps!