how tarps are made

This section shows how tarps are made and how a tarp factory works.  Poly tarps  require a large warehouse to manufacture the material properly.  

The basic key points for manufacturing poly tarps:

  • Quality Resin
  • Equipment and rollers.
  • Tarp experts / Management of the fabricating and packaging process.
  • Facility - A large, safe and properly equipped manufacturing warehouse is essential. 

Below is a simple step by step process on how polyethylene tarps are made.

Resin-poly beads.  These beads will be melted, dyed and spread out over the nylon mesh to create a poly layer that makes a poly tarp.

Poly/Resin beads are melted and dyed.

The resin beads are melted and dyed to create the poly tarp coating.

Below is a machine operated tarp folder.  These make sure a tarp is folded tightly, which reduces damage in transit.

A died poly spool that creates the poly layer on the tarp.

Yellow poly tarp threading rolling on spreaders.

Tarp meash threads getting rolling through poly tarp machine.

Melted resin and poly beads now squeeze out poly tarp sub-material.

There are many other types of manufacturing process for different types of tarps.  The process for polyethylene, canvas, vinyl and other tarp materials can vary.