colors & sizes

Choose from our standard blue tarps to one of our more colorful options.

Significance in color for tarps:
Many times the color of a tarp can play a key factor in its usage.
The color of Triage tarps for example plays a key role in what each color signifies.

  • Black tarps signify system compromised or deceased. 
  • Red tarps signify sensitive data confirm to be present or immediate help needed. 
  • Yellow tarps signify sensitive data presents unknown or delayed
  • Green tarps signify no sensitive data present or minor.

Other colors are not standardized but commonly used within that color for example:
Blue tarps are typically light duty tarps sold within industry.
Other colors are chosen by their application. White tarps are commonly used for ice rink liners, canopy tops and outdoor movie screen back drops.
Camouflage, Green and brown tarps along with other various earth tone colors are used to blend into the environment.
Clear tarps are commonly used for obtaining visibility but at the same time shielding from the elements like rain sun or wind. Party tents or work/factory environments are very common uses for clear tarps. 
Many times tarps are used in a particular color for recreational reasons such as green and red tarps for Christmas, orange and black tarps for Halloween etc.