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Foot Pads

Foot Pads

Our tarp tent footings are strong and will help hold the tarp tent to the ground firmly. Each of our tarp tent footings are made of heavy-duty steel. The bottom plate has three holes where the tarp tent stakes can be driven through.

Three stake holes measure 1/2".

Foot Pads
Tarp Tent Footings 1 3/8" (For Heavy Duty Tarp Tents)

Tarp Tent Foot Pads 1 3/8"



More Info on Foot Pads

Foot pads are optional accessories added to make the tent or canopy more stable. You don’t have to worry about the wind toppling down your tent when you install foot pads together with canopy stakes. In case you’re using the shelter on a pavement, concrete screws are recommended.

Our foot pads feature reinforced eyebolts. They are used for tightening the pad to the frame. As a result, the frame becomes more secure on the foot pad.

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