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Custom Canvas Tarps

Custom Canvas Tarps

We manufacture custom canvas tarps in all types of colors and sizes. Being the world leader in canvas tarps means we are capable to custom make canvas tarps in large or small quantities and in many different variations. Whether you need custom waterproof canvas tarps or a special color, we can make it for you.


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*Attention Customers: This is a made to order product. It is hand sewn here in the United States. A canvas fabric tarp order can take approximately 15-20 business days to make your tarp before it is shipped to you.

Why Purchase Custom Canvas Tarps

If you simply didn’t find the right size for your needs from our current line of canvas tarps, contact us and we’ll make a canvas tarp fit for your purposes. You can select from the following varieties: tan canvas, white canvas, green canvas, blue canvas, olive drab canvas and flame retardant canvas. From the largest size down to the smallest one, from the heaviest fabric to the lightest one, we can make the exact size with the fabric you require. The spacing of the grommets can also be customized. Just talk to us and specify your needs.

Just like poly tarps, canvas tarps are a popular variety. But unlike tarps made of plastic, canvas tarps are breathable. They let the moisture escape easily. These breathable tarps are often found in backyards, covering various materials, equipment and properties.

Need custom canvas tarps? Get them from Tarps Plus! Our custom canvas tarps are built with quality and are delivered to your doorstep fast. Call us at: 1-800-838-3057 and we will assist you with your custom canvas tarp needs.


Custom Canvas Tarp Qualities

Our canvas tarps are made from 100% cotton fabric so rest assured you get the best by ordering from us. These canvas tarps are made stronger by the double-stitched hems.

Our custom canvas tarp can withstand long-term use. But do note that it will shrink eventually. The shrinkage of this tarp depends on the how often it is exposed to the elements.

Canvas tarps are dyed and treated with waterproofing substances. The dye will possibly bleed on some surfaces, so we do not recommend these covers for objects which you cannot afford to be stained. Canvas tarps have a strong smell. But after using them for some time, the odor will eventually disappear.

These covers should be washed with special soaps and detergents. The regular ones might wear the dye and waterproofing treatment off. Machine wash is also not recommended as the dye might stain the tub of your washing machine.

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