Insul Tarps

Educational information on Insul Tarps:

Insul tarps are a favorite for keeping things warm during winter and cooler over the summer.

Insul Tarps - special heavy-duty insulated tarpaulin - 9 oz. per square yard.

  • Spur grommets placed 24"
  • Waterproof
  • Bonded polyester fill.
  • Double layer
  • R1 Thermo rating.
  • Bonded polyester fill
  • All tarpaulins quilted 36" on center.
  • Strong poly

Recommended Insul Tarp Applications

Insul tarps are recommended for under-slab use. They are often applied to concrete slabs for radiant heating systems for residential, commercial and agricultural applications. They enhance the performance of heating systems by allowing the slab to quickly reach its required temperature.

The regular insulation system takes more installation time than these insul tarps. Special preparations are not required when you use these tarps.

Qualities of Insul Tarps

Insul tarps are able to control conduction, convection and radiation efficiently. With effective management of the three modes of heat transfer, the overall performance of the heating system improves. It provides quality vapor barrier and thermal performance. It also withstands moisture and humidity consistently. The R values are also maintained over time.

Insul tarps are easy to install. They are lightweight tarps with minimal seaming. They can be rolled into place.