What To Expect From Tarps Plus 2021

What To Expect From Tarps Plus 2021

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According to the NOAA (The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), 2021 should be a very active hurricane season. As climate shifts, so does the tarp industry. COVID-19 has also put a high demand in the tarps for room dividers as hospitals strive to handle a high volume of patients with tented facilities. The agricultural industry finds itself challenged with costs, maximizing crop yield, making tarps essential for weather protection, such as hay farming.

The adjustment of athletics due to cover 19 and 2021 will also have sports played at different times of the year. Baseball season in many colleges and high schools have been delayed and will require baseball field covers to protect the field more often due to rain.

Tarps Plus will be rolling out a new grade of baseball tarps and hay tarps for 2021. The advances should see longer-lasting material that could handle heavier duty use. The baseball tarps will have seatbelt grade handles.

Tarps Plus also plans expansions In colors, grades, and options for their heavy-duty tarps, custom tarps, hay tarps, mesh tarps, and canvas tarps for 2021

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