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Tarps Plus Stockpiles Largest Supply of Hurricane Tarps For 2018 Hurricane Season

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June 1 is the first day of hurricane season, which spans to November 30. Tarps Plus is going through its annual ritual of stockpiling container loads of tarps on their 10-acre facility in Georgetown Texas. Abadak Inc., the corporate name of Tarps Plus, has specialized and has been the hurricane tarp leader for decades. The National Oceanic and atmospheric administration predict that the 2018 hurricane season will be average or slightly above the norm. The calm prediction has limited Tarps Plus' inventory. Abadak Inc/Tarps Plus say, "We have seen hurricanes touchdown in or around the continental U.S. in a cyclical fashion over the years and given last year's activity, we made sure we have the same amount of tarps on hand."

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