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Tarps Plus Donates Tarps and Tents to Austin Homeless For Holidays.

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Every year hundreds of homeless people die of hypothermia due to living on the streets. A simple plastic tarp prevents the damp and cold. Tarps are an essential item for homeless people living in cold climate areas that are in danger of hypothermia.

The founder and CEO of Abadak/Tarps Plus, Michael Stein started the "Abadak Gives Back" program in Los Angeles where the company is originally from. Abadak moved their headquarters to Austin in 2014 and this marks the first year the homeless drive will take place in Texas. Abadak will be delivering the tarps, tents, and clothing to "Mobile Loaves and Fishes" , an Austin based homeless foundation.

Stein stated The "Abadak Gives Back" homeless drive is something that we have been doing for many years and we are very excited to bring it here to Austin.

Next year Tarps Plus plans to find other companies that wish to donate their products for the event as well.