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Preparing For The 2017 Hurricane Tarps Season

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June 1st to November 30th is hurricane season and people that live in the hurricane zone need to be prepared. Folks in Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee, Alabama and pretty much the entire eastern seaboard know they all need a tarp during this time of year. In the event of a strong hurricane, tarps will be needed to cover roofs that have been damaged. It is essential to cover the roofs before more rains do more damage to the home. A light duty tarp that lasts up to a month or two will suffice. Tarps Plus Founder and CEO says: "We are known and counted on tarps for hurricanes and tornados so we feel obligated to have the largest supply for our customers."p>

Other important items that accompany the tarps are, sand bags and 100 foot log poly rope.