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Leading U.S. Tarps Supplier Plans Nationwide Tarps Drives - July 2011

The leading U.S. tarps supplier, Tarps Plus is planning tarp drives in several cities across the country. These tarp drives will consist of handing out tarps at homeless shelters. The cities that are being targeted are New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, San Francisco and Detroit. The tarps enable the homeless to stay dry and warm in the winter months. Many people that are homeless die each year of hypothermia and a tarp can save a life as well as have many other uses.
These simple plastic tarps have many applications. People have made shelters and barriers with them to protect everything under the sun. With extreme conditions becoming more common place in our lives it is good to be prepared for anything that comes our way with quality tarps.

The G.M. of Tarps Plus, Angelina Urquhart stated, “A simple tarp might not seem like much but when the tarps are handed out people really do appreciate them and they know they can put them to good use.” The tarps have also been a good tool for the current natural disasters like in Joplin Missouri. 
The tarps enable you to create temporary shelter or keep water and sunlight off of valued materials in an emergency. Having a light weight yet sturdy tarps that can ward off wind, rain, and sunlight is a great help when time is a factor in an emergency.

According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness between 2.3 and 3.5 million people are homeless in America. 1.5 million of the homeless are children. The U.S. Department Of Housing and Development estimated that approximately 675,000 people experienced being homeless in night in January of 2011. Due to a poor economy the number of American homeless has risen significantly. Tent cities and tarps have materialized in urban areas across the country.

The natural disasters of 2011, like the tornado in Joplin Missouri have left many people homeless or in temporary homeless shelters. Many people who have owned homes but could not afford the type of insurance coverage to protect their home now find themselves in financial ruins with nowhere to live.

Tarps Plus is seeking other companies that offer homeless related supplies that can join them in the tarps drives. The tarp company’s goal is to team up with several other companies that can offer services or supplies and to hold Tarp and supply drives for the homeless in all fifty states. The type of other companies they are seeking are, water distributors, clothing companies, doctors and business professionals to lend advice on ways to help people who want to get off the streets.

This year’s tarp drives will take place in November, just before the holiday season. The tarps will be handed out at the local homeless shelter in each city. Approximately one thousand tarps will be handed out at each homeless shelter. The tarp company plans a seven city tour this year and expects to expand to a twelve city tour next year.
For more information about the tarps drive, got to:

We distributed more than a thousand tarps in the Los Angeles area to the homeless for the 2009 Thanksgiving holiday.


The news lately has centered around the problems currently taking place in Japan due to the earthquake and tsunami that occurred afterwards. Tarps Plus has been the main supplier for providing tarps for that area throughout the entire time.
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