what's new in tarps

We are always expanding by adding new tarps to our large inventory. We have built a tradition of bringing the best tarps to the market. Helping our customers with new tarp uses is one of our advantages. The new arrivals will be shown on this page. It is a top priority to offer many kinds of tarps with several applications and lots of functions. Make sure you can always check out to see what is new on this page.

New Tarp Arrivals

There are different kinds of tarps available in different sizes, colors, and quality. The most common types are poly tarps, canvas tarps, hay covers, roof tarps and many more.

The poly tarps are available in various sizes. They are available in silver poly tarps, which have been treated with UV. The advantage is that these poly tarps are all waterproof and very protective in heavy rains. The heavy duty poly tarps are acid resistant, waterproof, tear resistant and are about 14 mm in thickness. These are available in many colors.

The gym floor covers are available in many colors. These are heavy duty, with a strong weave count of 14 X 16. The clear tarps are available in many sizes. These are UV treated on both sides. The reinforcement grid is 14 x14 counts. These tarps are very durable and last for a long time. The tarp has a new system, which is useful for waste management. This has a unique system, which has a two-stage tower, which facilitates the management of waste. It is fitted with a motor to retract the tarp easily. This is an industry standard quality.

One of the practical tarp systems is available for fertilizer cartage. These are made from PVC which is highly durable, waterproof and can be customized to meet the needs of the clients.

Another tarp type is designed to get rid of maximum drainage, maintaining the effectiveness of the tarp. The new tarp arrivals include high quality, heavy duty, durable tarps, which are easy to use. The price is guaranteed and the highest quality is available at affordable an price.