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Int'l Orders: 512-686-2302


January 14 2019 - Ice Rink Liner Tarps 

There are many applications for tarps all year long.  One of the most fun uses for tarps come in winter when hockey enthusiasts build ice rinks in their own backyard. The tarp of choice for this is the 30x60 white poly tarp.  The tarp is used as a liner to hold in water after a small trench for the rink has been built.  For more information on ice rink liner tarps, go to:  A new shipment of the ice rink liner tarps has just arrived in time for the 2019 winter season.



September 10 2018 - Hurricane Peak Season Has Arrived

September 10th is the peak of the Atlantic hurricane season and right on queue, here comes a category 4 hurricane in the Atlantic, Florence.  The deadly storm will be hitting the Carolina areas sometime late Friday the 14th.  Tarps Plus has a massive inventory prepared for shipment in the area.  The tarps will be essential to have after the storm hits and people will need to cover roofs to homes, commercial buildings and various other types of structures, to prevent water damage to compromised structures. Abadak Inc. has containers of hurricane grade tarps stock piled at their 10 acre facility in Texas.  Tarps are also ready for shipment to the Pacific for Tropical Storm and soon to be Hurricane Olivia.


For more information about hurricane tarps call: 800-838-3057


June 1 2018 - Tarps Plus Stockpiles Largest Supply of Hurricane Tarps For 2018 Hurricane Season

June 1 is the first day of hurricane season, which spans to November 30.  Tarps Plus is going through it's annual ritual of stockpiling container loads of tarps on their 10 acre facility in Georgetown Texas.  Abadak Inc., the corporate name of Tarps Plus, has specialized and has been the hurricane tarp leader for decades.  The National Oceanic and atmospheric administration predict that the 2018 hurricane season will be average or slightly above the norm.  The calm prediction has limited Tarps Plus' inventory.  Abadak Inc/Tarps Plus say, "We have seen hurricanes touchdown in or around the continental U.S. in a cyclical fashion over the years and given last year's activity, we made sure we have the same amount of tarps on hand."


For more information about hurricane tarps call: 800-838-3057



May 8 2018 - Tarps Plus Adds More Seasonal Sales


Tarps Plus loyal customers will be seeing more seasonal discount promotions.  The new discounts will be sent via email to opt in customers.  The discounts will include the full tarps catalog as well as some closeout promotional items.  The discounts will be in the 5% to 10% range and sent out on a monthly basis.



March 14 2018 Tarps Plus Builds Custom Tarps Department


When it comes to tarps, one size cannot fit all.  The people at Tarps Plus realized that a long time ago, that is why they a leader in custom tarps.  The leading US tarp supplier will be increasing it's custom made tarp capacity this year to handle the increased business.  Tarps Plus Abadak Inc. owner Michael Stein said, "We will fulfilling the needs of those esoteric customers that need custom tarps for that unique custom solution."  The tarps company says it will be focusing on the material; longer lasting options and faster lead times.



February 09 2018 - Tarps Plus Offers Up "Tarp Tuesdays" 


There are many applications for tarps and the questions on how to use the tarp can almost seem endless.  Abadak Inc. have decided to offer up a video every Tuesday via YouTube to enable people to get more uses out of their tarps.  Abadak Inc owner Michael Stein said, "We get a lot of inquires about tarps and the types of uses, so we thought it would be useful to post a  short weekly video post on all the different types of tarps we have and the applications the tarp can be used for."  A short video is posted on YouTube every Tuesday, featuring a different type of tarp and it's uses.



January 02 2018 - Plans For Tarps Plus in 2018


Tarps Plus had a very busy 2017.  Tarps Plus was the leading online tarps supplier with the demand for hurricane tarps being the main driver.  Tarps Plus owner Michael Stein said, "We were able to increase our profitability and at the same time lower our prices of tarps due to better forecasting and SKU rationalization."  Tarps Plus stock piled more selective and desirable sizes of hurricane tarps and sold other sizes that did not move as fast at a discount. Massive inventory for the 2018 hurricane season will be arriving in June.



August 25, 2017 - Tarps Plus Stockpiles Hurricane Tarps Covers for 2017 Hurricanes

Leading North American Tarp Supplier, "Tarps Plus" has stockpiled what is to be believed as the largest supply of hurricane tarps at their Texas Warehouse.  This comes on the heels of Hurricane Harvey's arrival in the Texas Gulf.  Shipping containers of the Army Core of Engineers, Blue Cross and FEMA desired 20x25 blue tarps have been staged at the tarps facility. Tarps Plus owner Michael Stein said, "We have strategized our hurricane tarps supply for years in the event of a hurricane hitting the gulf."


The tarp company says it will be working around the clock to fulfill government and emergency needs; keeping their tarps warehouse open 24/7.



July 11, 2017 - Making Tarps Fun For The Tarp Industry

When people think of tarps, they might think of a boring plastic cover.  Tarps Plis is starting a "Fun Tarp Campaign"; showing fun applications for tarps.  CEO, Michael Stein said, "We want to change the mindset of how tarps are used, as apposse to the traditional application of covering things."  Tarps Plus will be sending out weekly emails with a focus of the fun apsects of tarps.  If you wish to get these emails with fun facts and uses for tarps you can apply to the Tarps Plus news letter at the bottom of the homepage at


May 17, 2017 - Preparing For The 2017 Hurricane Tarps Season

June 1st to November 30th is hurricane season and people that live in the hurricane zone need to be prepared.  Folks in Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee, Alabama and pretty much the entire eastern seaboard know they all need a tarp during this time of year.  In the event of a strong hurricane, tarps will be needed to cover roofs that have been damaged.  It is essential to cover the roofs before more rains do more damage to the home.  A light duty tarp that lasts up to a month or two will suffice.  Tarps Plus Founder and CEO says: "We are known and counted on tarps for hurricanes and tornados so we feel obligated to have the largest supply for our customers."


Other important items that accompany the tarps are, sand bags and 100 foot log poly rope. 


January 5, 2017 Tarps Plus Redesigns Baseball Tarps to Lead Industry Standards. 


Every year coaches and athletic directors scurry to find ways to cover the field during the winter months. Baseball tarps and athletic field covers are an essential tool to preserve the field. One of the biggest concerns for coaches when it comes to athletic field covers are Life of the tarp and the ease of application. Tarps plus has taken this item to the next level with three main factors: 


1.      Thicker material - The nylon mesh count has been increased to a 14 x 16 mesh count

2.      Seatbelt grade handles 

3.      Industrial stitching  

Tarps Plus owner Michael Stein said, "Our goal is to offer the highest grade polyethylene baseball tarp on the market."



Each baseball tarp cover is packed in an industrial wooden crate and shipped via freight. 


November 28 2016 - Tarps Plus Donates Tarps and Tents to Austin Homeless For Holidays.

Every year hundreds of homeless people die of hypothermia due to living on the streets.  A simple plastic tarp prevents the damp and cold.  Tarps are an essential item for homeless people living in cold climate areas that are in danger of hypothermia.

The founder and CEO of Abadak/Tarps Plus, Michael Stein started the "Abadak Gives Back" program in Los Angeles where the company is originally from.   Abadak moved their headquarters to Austin in 2014 and this marks the first year the homeless drive will take place in Texas.   Abadak will be delivering the tarps, tents and clothing to "Mobile Loaves and Fishes" , an Austin based homeless foundation.

Stein stated, The "Abadak Gives Back" homeless drive is something that we have been doing for many years and we are very excited to bring it here to Austin.

Next year Tarps Plus plans to find other companies that wish to donate their products for the event as well.



October 16, 2016 - Tarps Plus leads relief for Hurricane Mathew 

Truckloads of tarps leaving Tarps Plus head out to North Carolina and Florida as people deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. 

Tarps Plus founder and CEO Michael Stein said, "We have been donating and discounting the blue hurricane tarps heavily in order to help out as many as we can". 

Florida and North Carolina have been classified as "state of emergency".

Several containers of poly tarps will be arriving to Abadak – tarps plus headquarters later this week. 


March 15, 2016 – Expansion of Baseball Tarps and Athletic Field Covers.
Building a 170' X 170' baseball tarp is not easy. Handles need to be triple stitched, material needs to have heavy duty seems and packaging the product must be extremely secured for transit. Tarps Plus has taken one more step toward a better quality tarp to make sure their baseball field tarps are of the highest standard.
Tarps Plus CEO Michael Stein says, "Every year we are taking steps to advance the quality of our tarps. This year we focused on Quality of material and the packaging of baseball tarps."
The giant covers are now wrapped, strapped and pelleted in wooden crates to assure safety in transit.
Tarps Plus says it plans to further expand their athletic field cover product line, working closely with baseball coaches and athletic directors across the country.


January 25, 2016 – Tarps Plus plans Annual Tarp Aid Program.
Tarps Plus donates thousands of carbs every Thanksgiving to the homeless but now deleting you as tarp supplier wants to donate tarps all your round two agencies that help the needy. The company will be offering overstock, seconds, closeout tarps and various other types of irregular tarp stock items to US government agencies free of charge, barring certain restrictions and criteria's.
Tarps Plus CEO and founder Michael Stein said, "this gives us the opportunity to offer tarps that do not fit our high standard, whether opened or slightly and perfect for free of charge two schools and government agencies that help our country.

The free tire program starts February 1, 2016.


December 2 2015 - The tarp drive at the Los Angeles Mission was a big success as far as the amount of tarps that were given out by Tarps Plus.  The final count for the 2015 Holiday homeless drive was over two thousand poly tarps.  The plastic covers will prevent hypothermia for many people living on the streets of LA.  Tarps Plus sales manager stated, "This has been my seventh year personally handing out the tarps and this year seems to be the most tarps distributed." Tarps Plus plans it's efforts to it's new home in the Austin Texas area for 2016.


November 4th 2015 - Tarps Plus Plans Largest Tarp Drive For Homeless To Date! Leading tarp supplier, Tarps Plus, will be holding their annual tarp drive in Los Angeles this Thanksgiving and they plan to break their own record in tarps distributed. Poly tarp are a helpful tool for the homeless during the winter months.  Hundreds of in the U.S. with die of hypothermia due to living on the streets every winter and a simple waterproof tarp can supply a protective shield against dampness and cold. Founder and CEO of Abadak, Michael Stein says, "We gave out over two thousand tarps to the L.A. city homeless last year; we will giving out nearly three thousand tarps this year." Stein says, if there are any tarps left over, they will leave the tarps with the Los Angeles Mission which heads the annual Thanksgiving gala.  The mission will distribute the rest of the plastic covers to people as needed.


November 22 2014 - Tarps Holds Annual Tarp Drive
Every year Tarps Plus donates thousands of tarps to the Los Angeles city homeless. This year Abadak Gear and the Tarps Plus team will be downtown at The Los Angeles Mission helping make this Thanksgiving a great one for those less fortunate than us. We'll be there donating and handing out about 1500 tarps to help keep folks warm and dry during the colder winter months, and LA Mission's well-oiled machine of volunteers and celebrities will dish up plate upon plate of turkey (3000 pounds), sesame and garlic roasted mashed potatoes (700 pounds), green beans (800 pounds), giblet gravy (80 gallons) and pie (600) while others pour and serve drinks. About 4000 meals in total.
August 01 2014 - Tarps Plus Opens in Texas
Tarps Plus has packed up their bags and has left California for Texas. The leading U.S. tarp supplier has been planning the move for over 4 years. The new facility is located in Weir Texas (approx. 20 miles north of Austin) Tarps Plus is a sub division of Abadak Inc. Abadak has brought hundreds of thousands of tarps to the area in order to supply the region in need of natural disasters like hurricanes and tornado stricken areas. Michael Stein, the founder and CEO of Abadak says, "The move from California was purely for better business performance. Although I love my home state of California dearly, the cost savings, tax breaks and central location of Texas makes for a better business environment." The company has already started to distribute product from it's new Texas location but the official grand opening will take place September 6th 2014.
June 03 2014 - Tarps Plus Loads Up On Hurricane Tarps
Hurricane season is here and people that live in hurricane prone areas know all too well the damage that the storms can do. Tarps Plus has loaded up on hurricane tarps for the 2014 hurricane season. The premiere tarp that is used buy consumers and the government are the light duty blue 20x25 poly tarps. These simple and inexpensive tarps are the desire choice for covering roofs. Tarps Plus founder and CEO Michael Stein mission is to lead relief efforts in the wake of a natural disaster. "We have stock piled thousands of hurricane tarps and have staged them all in Texas, close to where hurricanes hit land so our transit time for delivery is fast", Stein said. The tarps sit at the company's Texas warehouse in Weir Texas.
May 01 2014 - Tarps Plus Rolls Out New Hay Tarps For Department  Stores
Farmers are always looking to save money and be more efficient. The Tarps Plus brand hay tarp has proven to be a long-lasting heavy-duty hey tarp that is more economical than its competitors. Now growers and farmers can get these hate tarps at her local department stores. Tarps Plus has packaged their line of hay tarps to be distributed to outdoor and agricultural related stores. Tarps Plus founder and CEO Michael Stein says, "We adjusted tarps slightly to be even more heavy-duty and packaged right way to be distributed department stores." The new design along with the packaging, which will be labeled under the Abadak brand will enable the company to offer a more industrial type product to the regular consumer. The hay tarps are currently on sale online at but the company plans to take the product market by the end of June 2014.
March 02 2014 - Expansion of Custom Tarp Division
Tarps Plus is moving one step closer towards expanding their custom tarp program. The California and Texas based tarp company now offers custom canvas tarps, poly tarps, final tarps, truck tarps and tarp shelters of all kinds. The custom options will include custom sizes, colors, shapes and artwork with logos, if desired. Michael Stein, the founder of Abadak, mother company of Tarps Plus said, we want to be able to be the most expansive in our industry by offering custom products like our tarps are essential. Stein says the expansion of the Texas facility will enable the company to be more dynamic with custom orders for their entire catalog of items.
February 21 2014 - New Tarps Plus Building in Texas Super Energy-Efficient
Tarps Plus is opening a new facility in Texas in the spring of 2014. The 25,000 ft.² industrial building will not be basic. The entire facility has been sprayed with foam insulation to stabilize heat and air-conditioning within the building. Fire retardant tarps will drape the walls and ceiling to cover the foam. CEO and founder Michael Stein joked, "we definitely have a large enough supply of tarps, so using them to cover our facility should not be a problem." The new building will also feature LED motion censored time flights which only turn on when people walk down certain aisles. Stein says the new tarp headquarters will be open May 1, 2014.
January 24 2014 – Tarps Plus holds its 1st Annual Super Bowl Liquidation Sale
Every business needs an excuse to hold a sale to entice customers and Tarps Plus is no different. This year, tarps plus will be kicking off their 1st annual Super Bowl liquidation sale. The sale entails liquidating last year’s stock of tarps and various other covers. Poly tarps, canvas tarps, truck tarps, hay tarps, vinyl tarps and various other types of esoteric tarps will be sold at 70% off on the Tarps Plus website and retail store in Palmdale, California. Tarps Plus’ general manager Angelina Urquhart stated, “We always have an excess amount of poly tarps and canvas tarps in stock from last year’s supply and figured this would be a good fun way to incorporate the Super Bowl and a sale.” The sale will be on the Tarps Plus website, as well as the retail store in Palmdale, California.
January 05 2014 - Triage Tarps Will Be a Premier Item For The 2014 Tornado and Hurricane Season
Every year. The United States is stricken with a certain amount of tornadoes and hurricanes. During these events triage stations are set up to help victims due to injuries and various other types of assistance. Tarps Plus is launching an economical triage tarp kit to help organizations aid people in need due to such tragedies. Tarps Plus CEO and founder Michael Stein noted, "We saw a need for an an economical and simple solution for triage stations. A key component for setting up triage are tarps, so we felt obligated as well as saw a great opportunity." A triage tarp kit is comprised of yellow, red, green and black tarps. Each color signifies a level of assistance in the midst of a tragedy such as a natural disaster. For more information about the new triage tarps, you may go to the triage tarps page on Tarps Plus.
December 04 2013 - Tarps Plus Donates Over 2500 tarps to Los Angeles Homeless
Every year, Tarps Plus loads up their truck and goes to the Los Angeles mission. Further annual Thanksgiving benefit for the homeless. This year, Tarps Plus broke its own record by donating over 2500 tarps to the cities citizens living on the streets. Celebrities and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti were also on hand to assist at the function. Tarps Plus founder and CEO Michael Stein said, "Tarps Plus' Tarp Aid program is our biggest event of the year and we are humbled and privileged to be able to collaborate with the Los Angeles mission." Other companies such as Wells Fargo and a blanket company on hand as well. The simple polyethylene tarp is an essential tool for people living on the streets to stay dry and warm. Hypothermia is the number one cause of death the homeless.
November 18 2013 - Tarps Plus Kicks Off Its Annual Tarp Aid
The Tarps Plus annual tarp aid drive will take place the day before Thanksgiving. Wednesday, November 27, 2013 at the Los Angeles Mission in downtown Los Angeles. Tarps plus vows to donate more tarps than ever before. The Los Angeles-based tarp company will be giving out over 2000 polyethylene tarps to the Los Angeles city homeless in collaboration with the LA mission in the city of Los Angeles. Tarps Plus will be joined with several other companies, the mayor of Los Angeles, volunteers and celebrities. Tarps Plus founder and CEO Michael Stein stated, "We are humbled and grateful to be a part of the Los Angeles Mission be in a position to donate the more tarps than ever this year." The plastic polyethylene tarps prove helpful during the cold winter months. The simple 6 x 8' polyethylene tarp protects people living on the streets from cold and damp weather, which enable hypothermia. For more information about the tarps plus tarp aid drive please call 1-800-838-3057.
October 15 2013 - Tarps Plus Schedules its annual Thanksgiving Tarp Giveaway with The Los Angeles Mission
Tarps plus has signed on for another year for their Tarp Aid with the Los Angeles mission. This year's tarp giveaway will take place on Wednesday, November 27, 2013. Tarps Plus will giveaway over 2000 tarps to the Los Angeles homeless. Tarps plus founder and CEO Michael Stein says, "The Tarp Aid give away is one of our favorite events that we do and we look forward to expanding it as much as possible." The simple plastic poly tarps help prevent hypothermia by keeping people try and warm during the cold winter months. Tarps plus – Tarp Aid Time: 10 AM to 2 PM Date: Wednesday, November 27th Location: Los Angeles Mission - 303 East 5th Street Los Angeles, CA 90013
September 17 2013 - New Texas Tarp Facility To House Over A Million Tarps
Although 2013 has been a very slow hurricane season, Tarps Plus expands its quest to Excel in offering the nation hurricane and tornado tarps in the case of extreme emergencies. The company is currently expanding from its California operation to Texas with a state-of-the-art 80,000 ft.² facility which will eventually house over 1 million tarps. The Texas buildout project will be in 4 phases. Phase 1 will be completed by December 2013 with a 20,000 ft.² warehouse and 5000 ft.² retail store. Tarps Plus founder and CEO Michael Stein said, "Our quest to open a facility in Texas was due to several factors, the central location will enable us to offer more savings to our customers and have quicker shipping times. The fact that Texas does not have state income tax also does not hurt and will enable us to expand our business and hire more people." Stein also stated that the Texas facility is just outside hurricane stricken zones and below what is called tornado alley, but close enough to offer tarps at the fastest rate for people in need. Tarps Plus has one of the widest range of poly tarps, canvas tarps, vinyl tarps, truck tarps, hay tarps and various other types of tarp covers. Poly tarps are a high demand item during hurricanes or tornadoes and are a quick fix to cover roofs for people with subsequent damage.
September 12 2013 - Tarps Plus Will Sposor Texas Events
Tarps Plus' new Texas headquarters will be complete by December 2013 and the tarp company has decided to collaborate with other businesses and sponsor events. Tarps plus currently sponsors tarp aid in Los Angeles, a benefit for the homeless, as well as the Abadak50 , a stock-car race in Antelope Valley. Tarps Plus is a sister company to Abadak Inc. Abadak has been supplying poly tarps to the homeless across the country for several years. And now they're tarps division will be donating tarps across Texas to homeless facilities and other charities in need. Tarps Plus CEO and founder Michael Stein said, "If our business is going to be operating in a community. We feel it's important to be a part of that community. Texas sees it share of tornadoes and hurricanes. And if one occurs we will be supplying tarps and 80 people in need without question." Abadak's new facility will feature 50,000 ft.² of warehouse and on a 10 acre lot. The facility will house poly tarps, canvas tarps, truck tarps, vinyl tarps, hay tarps and various other types of tarp covers.
September 04 2013 - Tarps Plus Sponsored Race Has a Winner
Cory Fancy wins the Abadak 50. Last Saturday Abadak, mother company to Tarps Plus sponsored its 1st annual Abadak 50, a high-powered stock car race at. Willow Springs in Palmdale, California. Tarps Plus supplied. Tarps and tents for the event. Corey Fancy in the #29 car came in 1st place. The event received much grassroots promotion in the antelope Valley area and Abadak and Tarps Plus CEO Michael Stein says that this will be 1st of many events with racing and extreme sports to be sponsored by the outdoor gear and tarps company. "We feel this is the perfect direction for us to go in as far as promotion and advertising is well, as get in touch with our customer base. Tarps, outdoor gear and stock-car racing go together like peanut butter and jelly." Abadak next event will be its annual Thanksgiving tarp giveaway in downtown Los Angeles, just one of many events that the company is planning.
August 20 2013 - Tarps Plus is Off To The Races
Willow Springs race track has just found a new partner – Tarps Plus. The leading tarps supplier will be sponsoring the racing events in Antelope Valley by supplying tarps, canopies and various other types of covers for the event. Sales manager, who coordinated the collaboration for the event said, "Well, tarps and canopies go with racing like peanut butter and jelly. These of the type he of events that we want our product to be a display at. Willow Springs has a great brand image and we are proud to have Tarps Plus to be involved. The Willow Springs event will be held August 31 and Tarps Plus will have a booth there offering, pop-up tents, poly tarps, canvas tarps and various type of tarps and covers that they offer.
August 09 2013 - Tarps Plus Plans Its Biggest Tarp Giveaway Ever For Thanksgiving 2013
Every year around Thanksgiving time. Tarps plus will gather up some employees and give away thousands of tarps to the Los Angeles homeless. This year, tarps plus plans to give out more poly tarps than they ever have before. The Los Angeles tarp company plans to collaborate with the LA mission in several other homeless shelters around the country, during Thanksgiving time to donate tarps that prevent people from suffering from hypothermia during the cold winter months. Tarps plus founder and CEO Michael Stein told us, "The tarps giveaway has turned out to be a major enjoyment for me and our employees. It's been a pleasure to collaborate with the community that time of year and give back." Tarps plus will collaborate with several homeless shelters and donate and handout thousands of tarps, in several large cities across the country where hypothermia for the homeless is a problem during the cold winter months. If you are a homeless shelter and would like to be a part of the tarps plus giveaway, please contact tarps plus at or call them at 1-800-838-3057. Tarps plus corporate offices: 38490 Trade Center Dr., Palmdale, CA 93551
July 30 2013 - More Hurricane Tarps stockpiled in Texas Warehouse
As the 2013 hurricane season reaches its middle. This season has proven to be a light one. Nonetheless, tarps plus is still stockpiling more tarps in Texas in the event of a hurricane hitting the Gulf or the East Coast of Florida. The Texas warehouse will not be completed and it's a buildout until the end of 2013. As construction workers continue to work thousands of hurricane grade tarps are stockpiled in 40 foot containers on the 10 acre facility. Tarps Plus founder and CEO Michael Stein said, "We are confident that we will have the highest amount of hurricane tarps in North America before the season hits its zenith." The blue polyethylene tarps are an essential item to cover roofs in the event if a hurricane or tornado damages structures.
July 23 2013 - Rolling Out A New Line Of Boxing Ring Tarp Covers
With the popularity of mixed martial arts growing across the globe, grows a high demand for boxing ring tarp covers. Tarps Plus founder and CEO Michael Stein says, "I'm a big am am a fan of MMA and I've noticed a large demand for boxing ring tarp covers for many events and training centers around the US, so we decided to offer our own brand." The boxing ring tarp covers are now on sale at and can be seen on the specialty tarps page.
July 08 2013 - Another $4000 Tarp Tent Giveaway
The Tarps Plus tarp tent giveaway has been so successful the company has decided to offer another one in Palmdale, California location. This giveaway is joined by a local company, Vince's pizza. Anybody could sign up at the pizza parlor or the tarps retail store and no purchases are necessary. Sales manager stated, "This is the time of year where people can really use tarps and coverings of all kinds, so it was a no-brainer." Abadak Inc. the mother company of Tarps Plus has built up somewhat of a cult following with the tarp tent giveaways. Over 100 people showed up for the last drawing and the tarp company anticipates much more this time due to the collaboration with other companies in the area. The $4000 tarp tent is a large frame canopy with a poly tarp waterproof roof. The tarp tent giveaway info: Date: July 20 Saturday Time: 12 noon Location: The Abadak retail store - 38490 Trade Center Dr., Palmdale, CA 93551
June 27 2013 - Tarps Plus Celebrates Fourth of July with Massive Poly Tarps Sale
The red, white and blue poly tarps will be flying high at the tarps plus superstore between now and July 3. Tarps plus will be holding its annual Fourth of July poly tarps sale at its retail store and Palmdale. Thousands of sizes and colors of poly tarps will be at a 30 to 40% discount, during the independence day week. Tarps plus general manager Angelina Urquhart said, "We always have a large supply of poly tarps this time of year do do hurricane preparedness. We also take this opportunity on Fourth of July to offer these poly tarps at a discount for regular customers as well." Many people by red white and blue poly tarps as decorations as well as conventional coverage during the Fourth of July sale.
June 18 2013 - Mass Shippments of Hurricane Tarps Arrive in Texas
As hurricane season enters in full effect. Tarps Plus transfers massive amounts of hurricane tarps from there, California facility to Texas. The mass exodus of poly tarps is essential for the hurricane stricken zones to be ready. Tarps Plus' new Texas facility warehouse all of the hurricane poly tarps. This places the tarps close to areas that are most likely going to be hit with a hurricane, which enables the company to save customers time and money, as well as assuring the tarps get to hurricane victims rapidly. Tarps Plus founder and CEO Michael Stein said, "We want to be the absolute leader in supplying hurricane tarps and in order to do that we need to make sure that we have more tarps at the best price closest to the areas where hurricanes will most likely strike." The completion of the Texas location is scheduled for the middle of December, but tarps are being staged their in the event if a hurricane should strike in the Gulf or the Atlantic. We are Texas is approximately 25 miles North of Austin, Texas. The tarp facility is below what is called tornado alley and above hurricane zones, which assures the tarps will be safe, but yet the closest area to warehouse.
June 06 2013 - New Tarp Facility Begins Build Out
Tarps Plus will begin its buildout of its new facility in Weir Texas next month. The new facility will have a state-of-the-art 30,000 ft.² warehouse and 5000 square for retail store specializing in poly tarps, canvas tarps, vinyl tarps and various other types of tarp covers. The Texas facility enables the tarp company to strategically store hurricane tarps and tornado tarp covers just below tornado alley and above hurricane stricken zones and at the same time, close enough to have fast delivery times for emergencies. Tarps plus founder and CEO Michael Stein said, "Our new facility in Weir Texas enables us to supply tarps and various other emergency supplies to the Gulf and Atlantic regions rapidly, as well as give us cheaper shipping rates for the rest of our customers across the country." Abadak Inc. the mother company of Tarps Plus will start construction by the end of July and should be completed by mid-December.
May 29 2013 - Massive Inventory of Tarps Stockpiled for The 2013 Hurricane Season
June is here and so is the beginning of the annual hurricane season, bringing tarps in high demand. The NOAA has stated that this will be a highly active hurricane season with over 20 named hurricanes. The national oceanic atmospheric administration came out with its annual hurricane forecast last month. Tarps Plus watches these forecasts closely to decide the amount of tarps, they will inventory for the year. Tarps Plus CEO and founder Michael Stein stated, "The NOAA forecast is an essential determiner for us when it comes to purchasing poly tarps." Poly tarps are the highly sought after items in the event of her hurricane. The plastic covers are used to covering homes and valuable belongings for rain protection. The tarps will be stockpiled at the Texas headquarters of Tarps Plus, as well as the Palmdale, California location. Stockpiling the tarps in Texas is the company an extra advantage for hurricane regions due to the warehouse's proximity.
May 22 2013 - Tarps Plus Gives Away a $4000 Tarp Tent
Leading USA tarp supplier Tarps Plus will be giving away a $4000 tarp tent. The tarp tent will be raffled off at the tarps plus retail store in Palmdale, California. Many people in the Antelope Valley area have come to know the free raffle that takes place once a month. Recently, all of Los Angeles County patrons that need tarps have traveled up to Palmdale for these monthly raffles. Tarps Plus GM Angelina Urquhart says, "The tarp tent giveaway is a great way for us to get connected with our community, as well as promote our business." The $4000 tarp tent will be raffled off Saturday may 25th at noon at the Tarps Plus retail store. The concept is simple, all one needs to do is go to the Tarps Plus Palmdale retail store put their name on a ticket and submit it to be raffled off – no purchase is necessary. The Palmdale Tarps Plus retail store is located at: 38490 Trade Center Dr., Palmdale, CA 93551
May 16 2013 Tarps Plus Readies Tarps for North Texas Tornadoes
Tarps Plus has staged for 40 foot containers of tarps to be distributed in North Texas due to the tornadoes. Granbury just outside of Dallas was one of the hardest tents hit. Cars, power lines and trees were thrown around. Many roofs are ripped off of homes so tarps will be needed. Tarps Plus general manager Angelina Urquhart stated, "One of our main warehouses is in Texas, so we are ready to have tarps delivered within hours to the tornado stricken areas." Last year, Tarps Plus added a distribution location in Weir Texas to supply tornado, hurricane victims.
May 09 2013 - Tarps Plus Gives Away Another $4000 Tarp Tent At Its Retail Store
People are starting to travel hundreds of miles within the area to the tarps plus retail store in order for a chance to win products at the tarp companies elaborate giveaway promotion. Starting earlier this year, Tarps Plus decided to give away a large item once a month. They called the promotion the tarp tent giveaway. The promotion consisted of customers showing up to the Tarps Plus retail store, putting their name in a bowl and get a chance to win large items with no purchase is necessary. The promotion has turned out to be a local cult classic. The next giveaway is scheduled for Saturday May 25th at the Tarps Plus retail store in Palmdale, California. Sales manager says, "This was a great way to get rid of some of our overstocked tarp products in a fun way and at the same time get in touch with our community." Tarps plus plans to do a tarp tent giveaway the last Saturday of every month for the rest of the year. The Tarps Plus Tarp Tent Giveaway details: Location: 38940 Trade Center Dr., Palmdale, CA 93551 Date: Saturday, May 25, 2013 Time: 12:00 PM
May 02 2013 - The Canopies for Kids Event Lead by Tarps Plus
Last week, Tarps Plus and out over to charter kind school in Palmdale, California to donate a 30 x 30' white canvas tarp and a pop-up. The event is called, "Canopies for Kids". The program consists of the tarp company going out to the school setting up a 30 x 30 white canvas tarp, a pop-up tent and a plethora of paint supplies for the students and teachers to decorate the tarp and tent. Everything is donated to the school by Tarps Plus. The Mayor of Palmdale, James C. Ledford has been working with the tarp company on expanding the program. Tarps Plus founder and CEO Michael Stein says, "We are planning to do the canopies for kids program all over Southern California, we have the tarps and are more than glad to do it." The 1st event was held last week at the charter guidance school. Since then Tarps plus has booked over several more events.
April 25 2013 - Tarps Plus Gears Up For The 2013 Hurricane Season
As the national oceanic and atmospheric administration (NOAA) heads towards summer, they predict a highly active hurricane season. Tarps Plus has preemptively made plans to accommodate possible emergencies that may occur if indeed a large hurricane hits the continental United States. The US-based tarp company has stockpiled thousands of hurricane grade tarp covers in the event of a large hurricane. The company has stockpiled the majority of hurricane tarps other Texas facility; strategically placing the tarps to be rapidly shipped out in the active hurricane zones. Tarps Plus founder and CEO Michael Stein says, "we have stockpiled over 100,000 hurricane type tarps this year." Tarps Plus has 2 facilities, one in Palmdale, California and the other in Weir Texas. The Weir Texas location enables the company to rapidly distribute massive shipments of tarps in a short amount of time to hurricane and tornado zones.
April 17 2013 - Perfecting The Baseball Field Tarps With New Packaging
Most baseball coaches aid to protect their fields in the beginning of the season with baseball field. Tarps. The problem that most of them have is handling the massive tarp. Bringing the tarp on and off the field can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Tarps Plus has redesigned their baseball tarps to make these tasks a little easier. The 2013 line of baseball field. Tarps by tarps plus feature new packaging when the tarp arrives. The tarp is tightly rolled onto a pallet, strapped and shrink wrapped all in one. Tarp rollers have also been added to the accessories. The tarp rollers are stainless steel metal rods that configure through the grommet hole and enable someone to pull the tarp via the grommet. This makes pulling the tarp much easier. Another item is the tarp roller. The tarp roller is a PVC 2 foot wide pipe cylinder that enables someone to roll the tarp across the field and roll up the tarp for storage. CEO and founder of Tarps Plus, Michael Stein says, "We are constantly trying to expand the type of tarps we have for the convenience of our customers as well as how the tarp is presented when it arrives. These new baseball field tarps are some of the largest items that we carry and we wanted to make sure that they are attractive when they arrive, as well as enabling the customer to work with the tarp more easily." The new baseball tarps are currently in stock at and the tarp rollers will be arriving by July 2013.
April 11 2013 - A Whole New Look For Tarps Plus For The Summer Of 2013
Tarps plus is proud to announce their new product line and new look under the company's flagship name Abadak. Tarps plus has been in business for decades and has been an online retailer nearly since the Internet started. Now the company faces and other monumental change. Tarps plus will be changing all the packaging to the flagship name of Abadak. Abadak is an acronym standing for "a better atmosphere dedicating all kind". The new direction will entail new packaging of tarps and a new line of poly tarps and canvas tarps under the Abadak label. The company's tarps website, will be dedicated to all its online sales. The Abadak website will be dedicated to all the company's brands. The new line of tarps and its packaging will be rolled out by June 2013.
April 2 2013 - Tarps Plus plans new brand of camping tarps to come out in summer of 2013
Keeping with the modus operandi of constantly expanding Tarps Plus is Rolling out a new type of camping tarp this summer. The tarp will be a nylon-based material that will enable campers and hikers to pack light, as well as enable them to flex the material for many situations. The ripstop nylon, camping tarps will be able to attach to hammocks and trees. The variations of connecting points will range from 3 to 6 points where the tarp can be connected via para cord or bungee. Tarps Plus sales manager said, "we are thrilled to bring out this new line of ripstop nylon, camping tarps for our outdoor enthusiast customer base." The new camping tarps should be arriving by the end of July 2013.
March 27 2013 - The New Baseball Tarps Are Rolled Out For 2013
As the beginning of baseball season approaches Tarps Plus has just brought out its 2013 product line of athletic field covers and baseball tarps. The new baseball field covers include new sizes, tarp, grades and accessories. One of the new accessories is the tarp pull. The tarp pull enables the user to pull the tarp across the feel by connecting the tarp puller to the grommet of the tarp. In other unique item is the tarp roller. The tarp roller is a large PVC corrugated pipe that enables the tarp to roll across the field and lay out the tarp without much resistance. The tarp roller also makes storage much easier. Another item is the baseball tarp cover. The baseball tarp cover, covers the tarp after it has been rolled up and protects it from rain and inclement weather. Tarps Plus will be offering package deals on the new items when bought together. The new athletic field covers and baseball tarp accessories should become available by the end of April 2013.
March 19 2013 - Tarps Plus' Tarps For Kids Program Goes To Texas
The Tarps Plus "Tarps For Kids" program is a voluntary program where a pop-up tent and tarp is delivered to local schools and paint supplies is supplied for them to paint onto the tarp and tent. The California-based tarp company, Tarps Plus invented the program in order to bring the community together, as well as bring company awareness. A white pop-up tent is supplied where children dip their hands in paint and put their handprints on the bottom of the tent and teachers put their handprints on the top of the tent. The handprints signify the unity of student and teachers. A 30' x 30' canvas tarp is placed under the tent to catch paint droppings so paint does not mark up the assembly area. The tarp is then used for free-form painting after the pop-up tent is painted. The mother company of Tarps Plus,Abadak Inc. was approved by the antelope Valley school Board to hold these functions at schools on February 27, 2013. Tarps Plus now plans to hold the tarps for kids school program in Texas, which will be one of the new homes of the tarp company. A new facility will be built in Weir Texas (near Austin) by the end of August 2013 and Tarps Plus plans to hold the tarps for kids program throughout the Travis and Williamson County areas. For more information about the Tarps for Kids program, please contact tarps plus at 1-800-838-3057
Tarps plus plans for spring of 2013 with a whole new line of tarps. Every year, new applications for tarps are discovered to get the job done. This year will be no different as Tarps Plus plans to offer a whole new line of tarps and outdoor covers for all types of applications. Last year, the Planket was introduced. The Planket (a play on words) is basically a blanket for plants. The plastic semi-insulated tarpaulin wraps around plants during the winter time and protects them from frost. The new inventory of Tarps Plus brand tarps will be a super heavy-duty polyethylene tarp, a fire retardant canvas tarp and a valance canopy tarp for tarp tents.
Tarps Plus representative says," constantly adding new tarps or product line is essential for us to stay fresh in the marketplace. We believe that the 2013 additions will help us grow even more."
The arrival date of these new tarps is set for March 30, 2013.
Like many other product based companies, tarps plus finds themselves now and then with overstocked items. One unique way to alleviate the stock was to donate them. Tarps Plus is currently overstocked with large white canvas tarps and tarp tents. So they decided to donate the tarps and tents in a unique way. The tarps for kids program will consist of the company taking a 30 x 30 white canvas tarp and a white instant pop-up tent to schools in the antelope Valley area. The 30x30 white canvas tarp is laid on the ground and the white pop-up tent is placed on top of it. Paint and supplies are set out around the perimeter of the tarp and children then can put their hand prints around the bottom part of the tent. Teachers put their hand prints on the top part of the tent. The tent is then removed and free-form painting by the children and teachers are painted onto the 30 x 30 white canvas tarp. At the end of the day, the tarp and tent are donated to the school. Schools use the pop-up tent for functions and assemblies. The tarp is used for assemblies as well is being set up as a piece of art. Both pieces serve as whether protection and a piece of art that symbolizes the connection of students and teachers.

Tarps Plus CEO and founder Michael Stein says, “We are glad we can use these overstocked items in a creative way. We always have an abundant amount of tarps and tents and would like to make this a regular thing.” The California based tarp distributor plans on starting the “Tarps for Kids” program March 28, 2013. Several schools have been chosen around the antelope Valley area where the Tarps Plus headquarters is located. Tarps Plus plans to expand the program all throughout Southern California before the year is over.

If you are a school or teacher and interested in the “Tarps for Kids” program, please contact tarps plus at or call 1-800-838-3057 Tarps Plus is located at: 38940 Trade Center Dr. Palmdale, CA 93551
February 20 2013 - Tarps Plus Gives Away Another Tarps Tent
Narcisco Ornelas won the $4000 tarp tent that Tarps Plus gave away last Saturday. The tarp distributor had its monthly raffle and the prize was a $4000 poll tarp tent. The winner did not need to purchase anything. They just showed up, put their name on a ticket and put it in the bowl. Tarps Plus sales manager then grabbed inside the bowl and pulled out the winning ticket. Tarps Plus started holding these annual free tarp canopy raffles in order to drum up business, bring the community together and promote their business' goodwill. The Palmdale based company plans on doing a raffle once a month on a regular basis. The sales manager says," people come into the Tarps Plus retail store all day long. Some customers are looking for hike ticket brand-new tarps and others are looking for savings. So we decided to have a closeout section as well as this giveaway." The tarp tent giveaway has proven to be very successful. Last Saturday's attendance was over 100 people and the event is starting to gain popularity. The Palmdale/Lancaster area is filled with agricultural, construction and various outdoor businesses. Tarps have proven to be an essential asset for the region. Tarps Plus plans various other type of philanthropic/fundraising events in the future for schools, people as well as other companies in need of their products.
February 06 2013 - The Red Tarp Canopies Are Hot For Valentine's Day
If you thought Valentine day was not a good time for a tarp sale, think again. Tarps Plus is offering a Valentine's Day sale that features red tarp tents. Many companies in the antelope Valley area have already purchased some red canopy tents. Antelope Valley florists are using the tents for their Valentine's Day sales. Car dealerships are also using the tarp canopies for their sales events. CEO and founder of Tarps Plus Michael Stein stated,"We had an overstock of red tarps and we figured that it would fit perfectly for a Valentine's Day promotion. As simple as it sounds many companies in the area have purchased our red tarp canopies for their promotions." The small 10 x 10 red tarp canopy tents. One street vendor that sells roses, teddy bears and balloons for Valentine's Day said that it supplies shade as well as a good visual for customers.
February 06 2013 - Tarps Plus Teams Up With Local Businesses For Tarp Tent Raffel
The Palmdale, California based tarp company, Tarps Plus has come up with a unique idea to promote their next big tarp tent giveaway. The tarp distributor is teaming up with local businesses to promote their brand, Which Takes place, January 16th 2013. Tarps Plus, Ventura Graphics and Antelope Valley Florists are teaming up to promote the event which takes place at the Tarps Plus headquarters. Tarps Plus' Sales manager says, "we are ecstatic that Antelope Valley Florists and Ventura graphics are being a part of our big tarp tent giveaway. We deal with them on a regular basis and were happy that we can do this together." Tarps Plus will be giving away a 22x37 tarp tent with a retail value of $4000. This is an ongoing event which takes place the third Saturday of every month. Each one of these raffles has given away a tarp tent, no less than $4000 in the company says they want to try to expand the giveaways along with the prized values. Smaller items will also be given out. The company wants to offer returned items like poly tarps, canvas tarps, vinyl tarps and various other covers to people in need in the Palmdale and Lancaster area.
January 29 2013 - Palmdale Woman Wins the $5000 Tarp Tent Giveaway
Tarps plus had its $5000 tarp tent giveaway last Saturday and the winner was Maricris Contreras. Maricris Came to the store with high hopes to win the high-priced ticket tarp but did not have any expectations. She put her name on the ticket and shopped around the store for a half hour waiting for the big drawing. At first she thought she lost because someone else's name was picked, but they were not present. The rules of the tarp away require the winner to be present at the time drawing. The next name to be picked was Maricris Contreras. She was ecstatic. Maricris said, "I really wanted this tarp tent and it will go to good use." More than 50 people showed up for the drawing at the tarps superstore. Tarps Plus plans more giveaways in the future. The company has a wide selection of tarps, poly tarps, canvas tarps, tarp tents, pop-up tents and various covers of all types.
For more information about the the next Tarps Plus giveaway, you can call:
1-800-838-3057 or visit the showroom at:
Tarps Plus
38940 Trade Center Dr.
Palmdale, CA 93551
January 21 2013 - Tarps Plus $5000 Tarp Tent Giveaway!
Many companies give away many things all the time but it's not often when a company gives away a $5000 item just for showing up. The tarps plus superstore intends to do just that, the tarp distributor will be giving away a $5000 tarp tent on Saturday, January 26th as a promotion to bring awareness to the tarp cover superstore. Abadak Inc., Tarps Plus' mother company offers all types of poly tarps, canvas tarps, truck tarps and various vinyl tarps of all kinds.The giveaway will consist of people meeting at the Abadak store, located at the company's headquarters, on January 26th at noon, write their name on a ticket and wait for someone's name to be drawn. Who's ever name is picked, wins the tarp tent. The tarp covered canopy is a 24 x 50' framed structure, that can be used for a large carport, party or any large event needing shade or whether protection.

Tarp Tent Giveaway Details:
Date: Saturday, January 26, 2013
Time: 11 AM(drawing at noon)
Location: 38940 Trade Center Dr., Palmdale, CA 93551
For more information about Tarps Plus' retail store and any future giveaways, you can call: 1-800-838-3057
We now have a whole new line of tarps for plants during winter time. Tarps plus is now offering a new line of tarps protect plants in winter from frost. Many farmers and backyard growers find their plans being and dying during the wintertime. That can all be a thing of the past with the new tarp Plankets that tarps plus is offering. The term is designed to let air in but keep moisture out, thus preventing the plant frostbite. This tarp is made with a heavy duty spun breathable material. A cinch cord allows the tarp to wrap around a plant and enclose. The tarp Planket currently comes in four sizes but we have plans to make you sizes in the future.
Although hurricane season is a long way off, Tarps Plus is planning for the 2013 hurricane season. Many hurricane tarps are being stockpiled in the event other hurricane. Hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30. The talks will be stored and distributed at the company's new Texas location. The tarps plus Texas warehouse will provide a centrally located area where hurricane tarps can be attained. The safer facility is below tornado alley and out of most of the hurricane stricken regions, this assures the stock will be safe and accessible in a timely fashion. This solves a big problem that many emergency agencies have had during hurricane season. Some of the biggest issues that occur after hurricane strikes is making sure that tarps and other hurricane supplies are delivered within a 72 hour period. The new Tarps Plus Texas facility will be open in May 2013, just in time for the opening of the 2013 hurricane season, which stars June 1st.


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