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June 19 2019 - 7 Great Uses for Tarps This Summer

Summer is here again!  Here are 7 great uses for tarps this summer of 2019

  1. Patio furniture covers: Great sun protection
  2. Outdoor table cover: Make a mess and hose it right off
  3. Haul off brush and garbage 
  4. Slip n Slide: Get a hose and some soap and your in business
  5. Shade anywhere: On a canopy or bungee to a tree
  6. Water/Pond liner: Dig the hole, line it and fill it with water.
  7. Covering rafts in pool: Keep them in the pool and protect from the sun - no need to store away in between use.


May 16, 2019 - Tarps Plus Ramps Up Tarps For The Military

Tarps Plus has increased it's military type tarps inventory for the summer of 2019.  Some of the tarps that have been added are, poly hurricane tarps, olive drab canvas tarps and poly camouflage tarps.  The increased supply will enable Tarps Plus to continue being the key emergency tarp supplier in North America.  The hurricane tarps, are widely used by emergency roofing companies and FEMA.  Canvas tarps have been used by the Army Core of Engineers for debris removal and the camo tarps are used by the several departments of the military for many applications. 



March 1, 2019 - Fun Tarp Themes For Spring


There are nearly countless applications for tarps.  Abadak Inc. will be creating wild and entertaining videos on the many ways how tarps can be used.  These videos will be shown on the corresponding product pages for that tarp.  So, if you are looking at a 30x60 blue tarps you might see a video on tarps surfing.  If you are looking at a 33' round tarp, you might see a video on covering an above ground pool cover.  The first tarp video will be launched on March 29th.  Customers or on our email newsletter members will be able to see the videos first so join our newsletter today and get the first sneak peek.



January 14, 2019 - Ice Rink Liner Tarps 

There are many applications for tarps all year long.  One of the most fun uses for tarps come in winter when hockey enthusiasts build ice rinks in their own backyard. The tarp of choice for this is the 30x60 white poly tarp.  The tarp is used as a liner to hold in water after a small trench for the rink has been built.  For more information on ice rink liner tarps, go to:  A new shipment of the ice rink liner tarps has just arrived in time for the 2019 winter season.



September 10, 2018 - Hurricane Peak Season Has Arrived

September 10th is the peak of the Atlantic hurricane season and right on queue, here comes a category 4 hurricane in the Atlantic, Florence.  The deadly storm will be hitting the Carolina areas sometime late Friday the 14th.  Tarps Plus has a massive inventory prepared for shipment in the area.  The tarps will be essential to have after the storm hits and people will need to cover roofs to homes, commercial buildings and various other types of structures, to prevent water damage to compromised structures. Abadak Inc. has containers of hurricane-grade tarps stockpiled at their 10-acre facility in Texas.  Tarps are also ready for shipment to the Pacific for Tropical Storm and soon to be Hurricane Olivia.


For more information about hurricane tarps call: 800-838-3057


June 1, 2018 - Tarps Plus Stockpiles Largest Supply of Hurricane Tarps For 2018 Hurricane Season


June 1 is the first day of hurricane season, which spans to November 30.  Tarps Plus is going through its annual ritual of stockpiling container loads of tarps on their 10-acre facility in Georgetown Texas.  Abadak Inc., the corporate name of Tarps Plus, has specialized and has been the hurricane tarp leader for decades.  The National Oceanic and atmospheric administration predict that the 2018 hurricane season will be average or slightly above the norm.  The calm prediction has limited Tarps Plus' inventory.  Abadak Inc/Tarps Plus say, "We have seen hurricanes touchdown in or around the continental U.S. in a cyclical fashion over the years and given last year's activity, we made sure we have the same amount of tarps on hand."


For more information about hurricane tarps call: 800-838-3057



May 8, 2018 - Tarps Plus Adds More Seasonal Sales


Tarps Plus loyal customers will be seeing more seasonal discount promotions.  The new discounts will be sent via email to opt-in customers.  The discounts will include the full tarps catalog as well as some closeout promotional items.  The discounts will be in the 5% to 10% range and sent out on a monthly basis.



March 14, 2018 Tarps Plus Builds Custom Tarps Department


When it comes to tarps, one size cannot fit all.  The people at Tarps Plus realized that a long time ago, that is why they a leader in custom tarps.  The leading US tarp supplier will be increasing it's custom made tarp capacity this year to handle the increased business.  Tarps Plus Abadak Inc. owner Michael Stein said, "We will fulfilling the needs of those esoteric customers that need custom tarps for that unique custom solution."  The tarps company says it will be focusing on the material; longer lasting options and faster lead times.



February 9, 2018 - Tarps Plus Offers Up "Tarp Tuesdays" 


There are many applications for tarps and the questions on how to use the tarp can almost seem endless.  Abadak Inc. have decided to offer up a video every Tuesday via YouTube to enable people to get more uses out of their tarps.  Abadak Inc owner Michael Stein said, "We get a lot of inquiries about tarps and the types of uses, so we thought it would be useful to post a  short weekly video post on all the different types of tarps we have and the applications the tarp can be used for."  A short video is posted on YouTube every Tuesday, featuring a different type of tarp and it's uses.



January 02 2018 - Plans For Tarps Plus in 2018


Tarps Plus had a very busy 2017.  Tarps Plus was the leading online tarps supplier with the demand for hurricane tarps being the main driver.  Tarps Plus owner Michael Stein said, "We were able to increase our profitability and at the same time lower our prices of tarps due to better forecasting and SKU rationalization."  Tarps Plus stockpiled more selective and desirable sizes of hurricane tarps and sold other sizes that did not move as fast at a discount. Massive inventory for the 2018 hurricane season will be arriving in June.



August 25, 2017 - Tarps Plus Stockpiles Hurricane Tarps Covers for 2017 Hurricanes

Leading North American Tarp Supplier, "Tarps Plus" has stockpiled what is to be believed as the largest supply of hurricane tarps at their Texas Warehouse.  This comes on the heels of Hurricane Harvey's arrival in the Texas Gulf.  Shipping containers of the Army Core of Engineers, Blue Cross and, FEMA desired 20x25 blue tarps have been staged at the tarps facility. Tarps Plus owner Michael Stein said, "We have strategized our hurricane tarps supply for years in the event of a hurricane hitting the gulf."


The tarp company says it will be working around the clock to fulfill government and emergency needs; keeping their tarps warehouse open 24/7.



July 11, 2017 - Making Tarps Fun For The Tarp Industry

When people think of tarps, they might think of a boring plastic cover.  Tarps Plus is starting a "Fun Tarp Campaign"; showing fun applications for tarps.  CEO, Michael Stein said, "We want to change the mindset of how tarps are used, as opposed to the traditional application of covering things."  Tarps Plus will be sending out weekly emails with a focus of the fun aspects of tarps.  If you wish to get these emails with fun facts and uses for tarps you can apply to the Tarps Plus newsletter at the bottom of the homepage at


May 17, 2017 - Preparing For The 2017 Hurricane Tarps Season

June 1st to November 30th is hurricane season and people that live in the hurricane zone need to be prepared.  Folks in Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee, Alabama and pretty much the entire eastern seaboard know they all need a tarp during this time of year.  In the event of a strong hurricane, tarps will be needed to cover roofs that have been damaged.  It is essential to cover the roofs before more rains do more damage to the home.  A light duty tarp that lasts up to a month or two will suffice.  Tarps Plus Founder and CEO says: "We are known and counted on tarps for hurricanes and tornados so we feel obligated to have the largest supply for our customers."


Other important items that accompany the tarps are, sand bags and 100 foot log poly rope. 


January 5, 2017 Tarps Plus Redesigns Baseball Tarps to Lead Industry Standards. 


Every year coaches and athletic directors scurry to find ways to cover the field during the winter months. Baseball tarps and athletic field covers are an essential tool to preserve the field. One of the biggest concerns for coaches when it comes to athletic field covers are Life of the tarp and the ease of application. Tarps plus has taken this item to the next level with three main factors: 


1.      Thicker material - The nylon mesh count has been increased to a 14 x 16 mesh count

2.      Seatbelt grade handles 

3.      Industrial stitching  

Tarps Plus owner Michael Stein said, "Our goal is to offer the highest grade polyethylene baseball tarp on the market."



Each baseball tarp cover is packed in an industrial wooden crate and shipped via freight. 


November 28, 2016 - Tarps Plus Donates Tarps and Tents to Austin Homeless For Holidays.

Every year hundreds of homeless people die of hypothermia due to living on the streets.  A simple plastic tarp prevents the damp and cold.  Tarps are an essential item for homeless people living in cold climate areas that are in danger of hypothermia.

The founder and CEO of Abadak/Tarps Plus, Michael Stein started the "Abadak Gives Back" program in Los Angeles where the company is originally from.   Abadak moved their headquarters to Austin in 2014 and this marks the first year the homeless drive will take place in Texas.   Abadak will be delivering the tarps, tents, and clothing to "Mobile Loaves and Fishes" , an Austin based homeless foundation.

Stein stated The "Abadak Gives Back" homeless drive is something that we have been doing for many years and we are very excited to bring it here to Austin.

Next year Tarps Plus plans to find other companies that wish to donate their products for the event as well.



October 16, 2016 - Tarps Plus leads relief for Hurricane Mathew 

Truckloads of tarps leaving Tarps Plus head out to North Carolina and Florida as people deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. 

Tarps Plus founder and CEO Michael Stein said, "We have been donating and discounting the blue hurricane tarps heavily in order to help out as many as we can". 

Florida and North Carolina have been classified as "state of emergency".

Several containers of poly tarps will be arriving at Abadak – tarps plus headquarters later this week. 


March 15, 2016 – Expansion of Baseball Tarps and Athletic Field Covers.

Building a 170' X 170' baseball tarp is not easy. Handles need to be triple stitched, material needs to have heavy duty seems and packaging the product must be extremely secured for transit. Tarps Plus has taken one more step toward a better quality tarp to make sure their baseball field tarps are of the highest standard.
Tarps Plus CEO Michael Stein says, "Every year we are taking steps to advance the quality of our tarps. This year we focused on Quality of material and the packaging of baseball tarps."
The giant covers are now wrapped, strapped and pelleted in wooden crates to assure safety in transit.
Tarps Plus says it plans to further expand their athletic field cover product line, working closely with baseball coaches and athletic directors across the country.


January 25, 2016 – Tarps Plus plans Annual Tarp Aid Program.

Tarps Plus donates thousands of carbs every Thanksgiving to the homeless but now deleting you as tarp supplier wants to donate tarps all your round two agencies that help the needy. The company will be offering overstock, seconds, closeout tarps and various other types of irregular tarp stock items to US government agencies free of charge, barring certain restrictions and criteria's.
Tarps Plus CEO and founder Michael Stein said, "this gives us the opportunity to offer tarps that do not fit our high standard, whether opened or slightly and perfect for free of charge two schools and government agencies that help our country.

The free tire program starts on February 1, 2016.


December 2, 2015 - The tarp drive at the Los Angeles Mission was a big success as far as the number of tarps that were given out by Tarps Plus.  The final count for the 2015 Holiday homeless drive was over two thousand poly tarps.  The plastic covers will prevent hypothermia for many people living on the streets of LA.  Tarps Plus sales manager stated, "This has been my seventh year personally handing out the tarps and this year seems to be the most tarps distributed." Tarps Plus plans its efforts to it's new home in the Austin Texas area for 2016.


November 4, 2015 - Tarps Plus Plans Largest Tarp Drive For Homeless To Date! Leading tarp supplier, Tarps Plus, will be holding their annual tarp drive in Los Angeles this Thanksgiving and they plan to break their own record in tarps distributed. Poly tarps are a helpful tool for the homeless during the winter months.  Hundreds of in the U.S. will die of hypothermia due to living on the streets every winter and a simple waterproof tarp can supply a protective shield against dampness and cold. Founder and CEO of Abadak, Michael Stein says, "We gave out over two thousand tarps to the L.A. city homeless last year; we will giving out nearly three thousand tarps this year." Stein says, if there are any tarps left over, they will leave the tarps with the Los Angeles Mission which heads the annual Thanksgiving gala.  The mission will distribute the rest of the plastic covers to people as needed.



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