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Episode #1 “Football Player vs. Tarp” has been strategically timed to launch two weeks before the Superbowl.

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According to, the top two types of video content consumers want are “Explainer” videos and “Entertainment Viral” style videos. 68% of consumers want to see shorter videos (between 2 to 4 minutes) 39% want explainer videos and entertaining viral style videos.

Stein said, “It wasn’t easy making videos about tarps funny and entertaining but believe we have found the right formula.”

December 16 2019 - Plans For Tarps Plus in 2020

Tarps Plus has some big plans for 2020 that are sure to entertain. Tarps Plus plans to show how tarps can be fun, creative, and more useful than ever. The quality of tarps is always our tarp priority, and 2020 will show even more increases in the area of excellence. A website update is also planned for 2020 to make sure we offer the best shopping experience possible.

Below is our new Tarps Plus logo. Look for this logo to be featured in many places in 2020.